Red Bull Manny Mania Nashville 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Manny Mania Nashville 2011

Posted on Monday, May 9, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

This town is amazing - great spots, nice ass normal people, great weather, style, and more. It's a bit corn fed husky on the women, but maybe it was the crusty bars we were in. Thanks to Red Bull for having us.

This was across the street from our hotel.
Around the corner was this hubba that Keegan Kim 5-0'd and some ledges that slid for miles. There's stuff big and small for all ages in this little museum plaza.
Straight from the airport, we found the fence at this crusty skateboard pad ghost locked, so we helped ourself to a private session.
The crusty skateboard pad had a mini-ramp also. SPoTlight Productions judge Bob Reynolds spins it big to back tail.
Skater Profile: Bob Reynolds
Once the Contest started, we had the rain start along with it. After a couple hours, things dried up.
A random Nashville character.
The Nashville character was super nice as everyone in this town seems to be. He introduced me to his cruiser mutts.
Zitzer's explanation of "switch" to the normal ass people in the crowd was pretty funny. Had something to with driving in England.
The main intersection in downtown Nashville was my office for the day. Not bad.
It was another test round on this iPad scoring system I wrote and things went smooth. When we're short on iPads, we resort to iPaper and share the iPad for data entry afterwards.
Trey Abad - nose manual nollie flip.
Connor Champion - feeble to nose manual.
Matt Sharer - manual to feeble grind.
Matt Fink - fakie ollie fakie flip.
Matt Fink - manual backside nosegrind.
Matt Feiore - half cab manual back 180 out.
Ross Norman won it not just because he did the hardest tricks, but also for looking damn good doing it. This fakie shuvs fakie manual was one of many attractive balancing acts.
Ryan Cooper - overcrook manny.
Thanks to Converse for providing prizes for the top three, including a trip to LA for the Manny Mania Finals. Get the Qualifiers results here and Final results here.
Skater Profile: Ross Norman


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