Lurk Through Prague 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Lurk Through Prague 2011

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I've been on a train in Belgium for the last two hours going the wrong direction thanks to some train station guy that told me the wrong way to go. Oh well, nice adventure. I'm on my way to Bruge to meet Rothmeyer. Here's a few photos of tourist mission through Prague for a quick 24 hours.

I like that message. I added the skateboard for the full effect.
I made my way up to Stalin for a nice solo session. There's always like 20 people or more skating there, though.
It's like marble Legos there with people making random things.
People raided the stairs to build skate stuff.
A small sample of the stairs put to use.
The view from Stalin.
Near Stalin is this beer garden type place that P-Stone brought us to the first time we went to Prague five years ago. I had to have a beer there in his honor.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
Cheers P-Stone. Thanks for much of my travel education. And while I'm at it, thanks Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clements for pulling me out of the suit and tie corpo CPA world and into working at Skatepark of Tampa. First skateboarding saved my life, then the Park did it again. It's hard work, but I'm one lucky ass dude.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
I stopped at some random place in a touristy area and got his chicken/pasta lunch with a beer. The whole thing is under 10 bucks and they decline tipping. It's pretty cheap to hang out here. This same thing would be $35 in Copenhagen.
Most of the roofs in Prague seem to have the same tiles.
The Prague Castle has some of those guards that stay still and don't do anything.
You can take a spiral staircase all the way to the top of this thing.
When you're looking up at everything, people get in some crazy photo stances.
Looking up at the castle from the entrance.
It's also a church, apparently.
Up at the top, everyone brings a jailbreak tool and carves their name in the concrete.
The view from one side at the top.
The roof of a building next to the castle.
Overlooking Prague from the Castle.
Human ants.
It must have been mindblowing to be at this view back when they built this thing in the 1500's.
There are all kinds of homes and shops with extra tiny doors.
I'm here in Prague because my wife is here on some bid'niss. Extra tiny people like Brittany look full size next to the tiny doors.
They have a great public transportation system here.
Not your average crusty subway walls.
Fried goat cheese appetizer at some restaurant.
Shots of some wacky alcohol.
There are so many of these castles. I bet they go off on Monday nights just like Trampa.
At the local clock tower, every half an hour, huge crowds of tourists gather to witnes the minute of the clock show.
The fancy restaurants where meals are nearly $10 have fruit as urinal cakes. Goodbye, Prague, I'll be back soon.


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