15th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam Benefitting Make-A-Wish Article at Skatepark of Tampa

15th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam Benefitting Make-A-Wish

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2011 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Jorge Angel a.k.a Porpe


Colin Clark's Footage

The calm before the charity storm.
The SPoTlight crew this year around was light, but in the words of Schaefer, "less is more."
The line to get into the Johnny Romano Skate Jam is always around the warehouse. It's worth the wait because everyone that walks through the tent gets a free goodie bag courtesy of DC.
Mikey Taylor was in attendance taking pictures with all his fans.
Clements is going to love what I call this trick, but I think he is going to like who is doing it better. Raney Beres with a pop out wall smack board yank back into the bowl. He did this after taking one hell of a collision with who Schaefer called "Heavy set Sierra Fellers." The day started with the Bowl Jam, and this year Southside Skatepark added a new addition to their bowl - pool coping.
Ben Hatchell was dominating the Bowl Jam.
Mrs. Cannon looks happy with the shave job done on Andrew's face. I wasn't there to witness, but I guess Braun donated $2,500 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There was some funky shaving going down in The Village.
I spot five different kids wearing the same Omit shirt waiting to get autographs from their favorite Omit riders.
Chris Cole got 2nd place in the Bank to Wall Best Trick Contest with a backside tail stall backside flip out, but I didn't get it. You will just have to live with this backside noseblunt.
Justin Brock could have won the Destroyer Award if he skated during the Zumiez Hubba Best Trick Contest because he was destroying everything. That's a backtail shuv it out with ease.
Evan Smith is amazing. I don't know too many people who can sit on a half-cab nosegrind to fakie this long. Hands down this won the Best Trick Contest on the Bank to Wall.
Who doesn't get stoked when you see Marius and Wes together.
I am convinced that Chris Cole can do whatever he wants on a skateboard at any given moment. Here he does a 180 nosegrind the hard way.
Felipe shut it down with this switch flip tailslide 270 out.
As the awards ceremony was about to take place Jason Rothmeyer tapped me in the shoulder and asked me if I saw the Chris Cole look-a-like. When I saw this I had to take a photo.
Ben Hatchell won the Bowl Contest, Raney Barnes (not pictured) got 2nd place, and Ishod Wair got 3rd place.
Kechaud Johnson stood out throughout the day ripping each obstacle. He deserved the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Felipe won the Zumiez Best Trick Contest on the hubba. Kyle Fredric got 2nd place with a back tail backside flip out, and Chris Cole got 3rd place with his straight destruction of the ledge.

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