Harvest Jam Presented by Expedition 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam Presented by Expedition 2011

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

Cameron Balliette came in hot for his 9 to 12 jam with this bomber in.
Mitchell Gardner is all bolts on this boardslide shuv in the 13 to 15 Division.
Dylan Perry knows this pyramid is going to be gone the next day for course reconstruction, so he's bringing back the frontside flip with king sized snaps.
Dirt Weasel got a makeover but he's not losing that nickname anytime soon.
Corey Melvin hasn't skated any contests at SPoT. Welcome, Corey. Good showing with this front blunt.
Tray Thomas had serious homie support in the crowd. He ripped and got 4th in 16 and Up. This is a back smith.
Microphone banter was provided by Body and Clem.
Chad Butts saved a million or two by using this as his ambulance ride after a mishap down the stairs.
Robby Kirkland had king sized homie hype in the crowd, too. He had balancing acts like this kickflip manual leading right into a hardflip back lip on the small rail. That's how you qualify 1st. Bring that to Tampa Am, Robby.
Expedition hooked up the trophies. Thanks Rob and Joey for signing them all.
Landon Swan has no problem with the hot new move of the year.
Ah crap, I don't have a name for this 360 flip. Who Dat?
Chris Jata probably woke up like 10 minutes ago after an all nighter straight to switch heel.
I like the late turn into Yonis' nollie frontside boarslide.
Carl's a regular in my neighborhood downtown. See you at the lunch joint after this nollie half cab heel.
It's going to be interesting watching Chris Noel and his brother Nick grow up. They're both just over a decade into the world and killing it. This is Chris kickflipping in a grown up way already.
Chris' brother Nick Noel already has enough steam to bring his kickflips over the pyramid.
The course is a little slick. Sometimes the seizure kicks in on the roll away. That's William McGaha on a hardflip.
That's an awkward one. Fakie back smith grind to forward? Everyday for RayRay.
I can see a boardslide, but lipslide? Man, how do these little legs get over the rail?
Jordan Bostick - backside nosegrind.
Julian Hodgson - switch frontside 180.
The firecracker here is a popular way down the stairs. That's Giancarlo Scalise.
Brandon Lane - kickflip.
Brandon Starr - kickflip up the step-up which is probably being ripped up right now as you read this.
Everything digital as it should be.
Joey Pepper, thanks for hanging out all weekend.
Rob Welsh, maybe next time on the sweatpants.
Josiah Portillo is outside shadowboxing with the flat.
It seems like hemlets and beanies are one and the same to these kids. Both are worn like a normal headpiece even when not skating.
The Sponsored Finals had everyone cussing like a 12-year-old. Check Filmer Joe's footage. Here are the Sponsored Qualifiers and Sponsored Finals results.
Later that night we went to The Bricks to give out the All Ages Awards that we do every year. When Clements asked Chris Noel for a few words on his win, he simply said, "Asian pride." Yeahhh, muh ninja.
Jereme Knibbs was presented with the Bright Future Award.
Aaron Davis, just standing there hands in pockets, lurking, and of course, awarded Lurker of the Year.
Jake Mills is Parent of the Year before he gets his driver's license.
Dimitri Rangos got the Most Improved Award.
The nice guy awards are given to two different shades of skin. Darrell Gordon got the Nicest Black Dude Award.
Thanks to all you tykes who came by. Good thing The Bricks has chairs in your size.
The Norton Family rips.
They're all in the running for next year's Loyal Lurker Award. Thanks again to everyone for being a part of what we love doing. Let's repeat it next year as usual. The full results from the All Ages Awards are here.

Contest Footage

If you give someone some time to polish their work, of course you're going to get a better product. That's how Filmer Joe does his. Here's a recap of the last skateboarding contest of the year here at Skatepark of Tampa. From the tykes killing it in the pre-teen divisions all the way up to the blizzard spins and amazing lines in the grown man category, Joe's got you covered. Mix in some product toss madness and the awards and call it another day of 150+ of your Florida homies all rolling together on the last day this street course will exist.

Awards Footage


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