Tampa Am 2011 Skater List for Friday and Saturday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2011 Skater List for Friday and Saturday

Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I just talked to over 200 skaters checking in today for Tampa Am, shot their photo, got their sponsors, age, and music preference for their run, and organized them into heats. That was from 9am to 9pm, plus an equal number of hours on this duty yesterday. It's time for a beer. Top two in Damn Am this year go directly to the Semi-Finals and don't have to qualify on Friday or Saturday in the lists below. Top 16 from Friday and Saturday make the cut to the Semi-Finals on Sunday that will be on live webcast at noon EST right here at skateparkoftampa.com.


Kansas City Kansas, Age: 22
Studio Skate Shop, ERGO (flow), Circa (flow), Krux Trucks, KC Skatepark. Music choice: Anything
Atlanta GA, Age: 23
Atnalta, Progressive Skatepark. Music choice: Biggie
3: Che Lin
Zhengzhou China, Age: 30
Nike, Gift Skateboarding, Cart Wheels, Independent, Fly Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
Naples FL, Age: 19
Brotherhood Skateshop. Music choice: Anything
5: Dan Coe
Minneapolis MN, Age: 18
3rd Lair, Supra (flow), Krew (flow), Bones. Music choice: Anything
Joplin Missouri, Age: 24
Ergo, Birdhouse, Vox, Indy, Active, Krochet Kids, Dakine, Spitfire, Glassy. Music choice: Rock
Atlanta GA, Age: 16
Given , Globe (flow), ERGO, Siege Audio, Gold Wheels, Progressive Skate Park, Dizm Eyewear. Music choice: Gucci Mane
Orlando FL, Age: 16
Blooze Skateboards, Midtown Skatepark, Dekline Footwear . Music choice: Hip Hop
Long Beach CA, Age: 22
Skatedogs, Flik, Ethika, Go Pro, Equalybrium Balance Bracelets, Archetype, Enroute Films, Gallery Board Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Topeka KS, Age: 25
White Chocolate Board Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Surrey BC, Canada, Age: 22
Nixon, Momentum, Orion, Darkstar, Circa, Ogio. Music choice: Hip Hop
Woodstock IL, Age: 22
RVCA, Circa, Element, No Coast Outré, FTL Media. Music choice: Dirt Nasty
Dallas TX, Age: 22
Nike SB (flow), Index Skateboard Supply, Baker (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Boise ID, Age: 26
Prestige Skateshop, Convere (flow). Music choice: Anything
Clearwater FL, Age: 21
West Side, Nike SB, Bones. Music choice: Anything
Milwaukee WI, Age: 20
Zoo York (flow), DC (flow), Spy Optics, Four Seasons, Sky High Skate Shop, Euro Club Clothing. Music choice: Hip Hop
Shanghai China, Age: 24
Nike, Gift Skateboarding, Cart Wheels, Independent. Music choice: Hip Hop, BIGGIE JUIC
Bradenton FL, Age: 22
Mighty Healthy Clothing, Hurricane Skate Shop. Music choice: Andre Nikatina
San Paulo Brazil, Age: 21
Bones (flow), Lakai (flow), Alchemy Grip. Music choice: Punk
Hickory NC, Age: 22
Flik Grip Tape, Krontrol Wheels, Krux, Flip Side Skate Shop, DVS (flow), Dakine (flow), Tavik Clothing, Bloodline Skateboards, Nixon (flow). Music choice: Anything
Las Vegas NV, Age: 21
Powder and Son, Skate City, Zoo York (flow). Music choice: Kendrick Lamar
St. John, Brunswick Canada, Age: 27
Ripper Skateboards, West 49. Music choice: Hip Hop
Carlsbad CA, Age: 17
Vans, Independent, Foundation, Spitfire. Music choice: Rock


Cascais Portugal, Age: 17
Quiksilver Europe, TMN, Sample Skate Shop, Eastpak Portugal. Music choice: Hip Hop
Mcpherson Kansas, Age: 22
White Chocolate Skate Shop, Perfect Skateboards, Vox Shoes (flow). Music choice: Rock or Classic
Atlanta GA, Age: 17
Stratosphere Skateboards, Nike (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Tampa FL, Age: 20
John Gow, Westside, Naysayer, Paradise Wheels. Music choice: Hip Hop
Tampa FL, Age: 26
Skatepark of Tampa, Shaqueefa, Axion, DGK. Music choice: Hip Hop
Poperinge Belgium, Age: 17
Volcom Europe, Bones, Etnies, Red Bull, Zumiez, Alien Workshop. Music choice: Anything
Ventura CA, Age: 15
Flip Skateboards, Hurley, Indy, Vans, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Red Bull, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss. Music choice: Metal
St. Louis Park MN, Age: 17
3rd Lair, Osiris, Real, Thunder, Spitfire. Music choice: anything
Rumson NJ, Age: 17
ERGO (flow), DC (flow). Music choice: Anything
Atlanta GA, Age: 19
8103 Clothing, Sunrise Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
South Central CA, Age: 24
Deathwish Skateboards, Mountain Dew, Thunder Trucks, Globe footwear, Elm Company, Kogi BBQ, FKD Bearings, Ambig, Street Ice, Active, Ashbury, Stance Socks, Markisa, Meister Watches, Autobahn Wheels, Dakine . Music choice: Gangster Shit
St. Paul MN, Age: 19
Volume Skateboards, 3rd Lair, etnies (flow), RVCA (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Lisbon Portugal, Age: 22
Enjoi portugal, Ementa SB, Sample Skate Shop. Music choice: Rock
Chicago IL, Age: 21
Uprise. Music choice: Biggie
Orlando FL, Age: 20
. Music choice: Anything
American Fork UT, Age: 15
Technique Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Palm Beach Gardens FL, Age: 24
Krooked, HUF Footwear, Shred Shed Skateshop, Spitfire, Thunder, Superbrand Apparel. Music choice: Rock
Netherlands , Age: 18
Vans, Spitfire, Element Europe, Thunder, Volcom Europe, BenG Skate Shop, Monster, Stance. Music choice: Rock
Bayamon Puerto Rico, Age: 24
RVCA (flow), The Room Surf & Skate, Mood Hardware, Derty Ramp, Skateboarding Federation. Music choice: Punk
Lisbon Portugal, Age: 13
Element, Von Zipper, Etnies. Music choice: Hip Hop
Gerroa Australia, Age: 17
Brooklyn Projects. Music choice: Anything
Riverhead NY, Age: 20
Shut, Chrome, Tre Truck, Hudreds. Music choice: Zepplin
23: Tom Mok
Calgary Canada, Age: 21
Element, West 49. Music choice: Anything
Columbus GA, Age: 18
Reveal Skateboards, Felony Wheels, Bender Hardward, Coocoo's Nest Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything

Heat Three FRIDAY

Buffalo NY, Age: 23
adidas, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Sunday Skateshop, Quiksilver, Huf. Music choice: Gucci/ Like a G Six
Polk City FL, Age: 18
Circa, Expedition One, 5 Star Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
New York NY, Age: 22
Pharmacy. Music choice:
Austin TX, Age: 26
BambooSK8, Capital Skatepark, DVS, Good Life Wheels, The Shop Oak Cliff, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings. Music choice: Hip Hop
Orlando FL, Age: 23
5boro (flow), Nike SB (flow), Alchemy Grip, Upful Hardware, Midtown Skatepark. Music choice: Wu Tang
Buffalo Grove IL, Age: 16
Character Skateboards, Wellborn Clothing, FA Skates. Music choice: Classic Rock
Indianapolis IN, Age:
Independent, Circa (flow), Brixton, Nature Hardware, Rise Skateboard Shop. Music choice:
Montreal Canada, Age: 19
Supra, Indy, Pig Wheels , Ultimate, KR3W Denim Co, Southparc Skatepark. Music choice: Rock
Santa Monica CA, Age: 17
Chocolate, Vans, Pacific Drive, Independent, Spitire. Music choice: Country
Douglassville PA, Age: 17
Birdhouse (flow), Silver (flow), Ambler Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Las Vegas NV, Age: 14
Pharmacy, Bones (flow), Force Trucks (flow), Etnies (flow), Powell-Peralta, Kr3w (flow), SkateCity Skatepark, Produce, Krew. Music choice: Alt Rock
Tampa FL, Age: 19
. Music choice: Wu Tang
Tampa FL, Age: 18
DC (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Oakville, Ontario Canada, Age: 17
Circa Canada, Nixon, Theeve (flow), SK8Mafia (flow), Hurley, CBMK Skatepark, Momentum (flow). Music choice: Biggie
Detroit MI, Age: 22
8103 Clothing, Nixon, Theeve, Modern Skatepark, Autobahn. Music choice: Rock
Alpharetta GA formerly Brazil, Age: 19
Atlnata Skateboards, Stay Fly Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Richvield MN, Age: 16
Lee Greenwich Clothing, Circa. Music choice: Biggie
18: JP Dantas
San Paulo Brazil, Age: 21
DC Shoes Brazil, BLVD (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Jacksonville FL, Age: 20
Kona, 8103 Clothing, Habitat (flow). Music choice:
Wantagh NY, Age: 18
BambooSK8, Bunger Sayville Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
Tampa FL, Age: 24
Traffic, Lakai, Matix, Westside, Bones, Ace. Music choice: Nikatina
Naples Florida, Age: 19
Stacks, SUPERbrand, Etnies, Usko, Pharmacy. Music choice: Dr. Octagon
Little Egg Harbor NJ, Age: 15
Circa (flow), Jetty Clothing, Surf Shack. Music choice: Anything
Ft. Pierce FL, Age: 22
Undercover Skate Shop, Chocolate (flow). Music choice: Wu Tang
Brasilia Brazil, Age: 20
Plan B, Silver, FKD, Bones wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Diamond, Foot Printer Insoles . Music choice: Hip Hop
Belgium , Age: 20
Nike SB, Switch Skate Shop, Almost, Venture . Music choice: Hip Hop

Heat Four FRIDAY

Tampa FL, Age: 19
Skatepark of Tampa, Altamont (flow), eS Footwear (flow), Pig, Toy Machine (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Santiago Chile, Age: 20
Vans, Burn Energy Drink. Music choice:
Bogota Colombia, Age: 19
Fun Shop, Vox, TRUR Skateboards. Music choice: Anything
, Age:
LRG. Music choice:
Orlando FL, Age: 23
Converse, RipNDip, Midtown Skatepark, Catalyst, The High Five. Music choice: Classic Rock
Manhattan Beach CA, Age: 15
Element, Autobahn, Etnies. Music choice: Anything
Tampa FL, Age: 25
Shaqueefa, Organika (flow), Paradise Wheels, Westside. Music choice: Lil Wayne
Goldsboro NC, Age: 21
Zero (flow), DVS, RVCA (flow), Usko Headwear, Select Wheels, Mica Watches, Gatorade. Music choice: 80's
Pompano Beach FL, Age:
Flatspot Board Shop, Counterpoint Skateboards, Supra Flow, Krew Flow. Music choice: Metal
Los Angeles CA, Age: 20
Emerica (flow), Destructo (flow), Mainline Skateshop, Kogi BBQ, Flip, Autobahn, Elm, Marquisa, Monster, Autobahn, Volcom (flow), Polanti Watches. Music choice: Hip Hop
, Age:
Baker. Music choice:
Larvik Norway, Age: 18
Element, Volcom Europe, DC, Spifire, Independent. Music choice: Rock
Orlando FL, Age: 19
Etnies, Graffiti Skate Zone, Theeve Trucks, ProTec, 187 Pads, Lifeblood. Music choice: Classic Rock
Uvalde TX, Age: 17
Good Times Skate Shop, Bones Wheels, Fallen (flow), Mystery (flow), Gnarbro. Music choice: Anything
Toronto Canada, Age: 17
CBMK Skatepark, Toy Machine (flow), Momentum (flow), Volcom (flow), Vans (flow). Music choice: Anything
Salem OR, Age: 23
Stacks, Lakai, Autobahn, Exit Real World, Altamont. Music choice: Biggie
Huntington Beach CA, Age: 22
DC, Expedition, United Board Shop, Venture, Gold. Music choice: Hip Hop/ Cam'Rom/ Je
Wilmington NC, Age: 18
Another Skateshop, Ergo (flow), Post 22 Skateboards, Satori (flow). Music choice: Anything
New York NY, Age: 16
Hopps, Supreme. Music choice: Hip Hop, Wacka
Durban South Africa, Age: 19
Element, DC, Skull Candy, Nokia. Music choice: Hip Hop
BC Canada, Age: 18
Matix Clothing, Thunder, Flip Skateboards, B and B Boardshop, Bones Wheels, Monster. Music choice: Techno
Brandon FL, Age: 22
Gator Board Shop. Music choice: Anything
Lisbon Portugal, Age: 16
Enjoi, Connexion, DC Shoes Europe, Volcom Portugal, Red Bull, Ementa SB. Music choice: Classic Rock
Oslo Norway, Age: 21
Element, Neff. Music choice:
Miami FL, Age: 20
Monster, BC, Frankleidoscope, Effigy Skateboards, Klen Laundry, Alchemy. Music choice: Indie
Oceanside CA, Age: 23
DGK (flow), Gold (flow), DC (flow), Venture (flow), Grandeur. Music choice: Hip Hop

Heat Five FRIDAY

Murrieta CA, Age: 16
Element, Active, DVS, Autobahn, Diamond. Music choice: Hip Hop
San Diego CA, Age: 22
Thunder (flow), Zero (flow), Granduer Skate Shop. Music choice: Wu Tang
Ottawa Ontario, Canada, Age: 23
Venture, Red Bull, RDS, DC, Top of the World Skate Shop, Gold Wheels, DGK. Music choice: Hip Hop Gangster
Hampsteed NC, Age: 21
Ace, Black Sheep, Satori, Pink Crack, Mom and Dad. Music choice: Classic Rock
Anaheim CA, Age: 15
Civilian Skateboards, Active, Circa (flow), Venture (flow), Bones (flow), Markisa, Kogi BBQ. Music choice: Hip Hop
Sayeville NJ, Age:
5Boro, VANS, Autobahn. Music choice: Jeezy
Las Vegas NV, Age: 22
Pharmacy, Dr Dre Headphones, Organika. Music choice: Wiz K
Tel Aviv Israel, Age: 19
DC, Borderline Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Atlanta GA, Age: 16
Stratosphere Skateboards, Converse (flow). Music choice: Punk/Black Flag
Deltona FL, Age: 17
Graffiti Skate Zone. Music choice: Weezy
Ringgold GA, Age: 18
Zoo York (flow), Bones (flow), Krux (flow), Gatorade, Progressive Skatepark & Comfort Skateshop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Las Vegas NV, Age: 17
SkateCity Skatepark, Powder & Sun (flow), Etnies (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Chicago IL, Age: 15
RVCA (flow), Bones (flow). Music choice: Anything
Joplin Missouri, Age: 25
Untitled Skateboards,Bullseye Skateshop, Mulligan Clothing, Sycamore Trucks. Music choice: Showbread
Las Vegas NV, Age: 22
Pharmacy, Mystery, Fallen (Flow). Music choice: Cam'Ron
Chattanooga TN, Age: 20
Comfort Skateshop, Nike SB. Music choice: Hip Hop
Jacksonville FL, Age: 18
8103 Clothing, NewBlood Skateshop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Marathon FL, Age: 20
MIA, Think (Flow), Venture (Flow). Music choice: Gang Starr
San Clemente CA, Age: 19
Cliche' (flow), Globe (flow), Republik. Music choice: Hip Hop
Reykjavik Iceland, Age: 21
Pharmacy, Mountain Dew. Music choice: Something cool
Williston VT, Age: 20
Talent Skatepark, Mt Dew, Silent Skateboards, Satori (flow), Symptoms Collective. Music choice: Jeru
Edmonton Alberta Canada, Age: 14
West 49, Four Wheels. Music choice: Hip Hop
Rouen France, Age: 19
Autobahn Wheels, Nike SB, Quiksilver, Hawaii Surf Shop, Jart Skateboards. Music choice:
Baltimore MD, Age: 22
Vu Skateshop, Bones, Etnies (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Sarasota FL, Age: 18
Compound Boardshop, Payne Skatepark. Music choice: Hip Hop


Provo UT, Age: 15
Fortica Skateboards, Gether Clothing, Cassette Sunglasses, Skull Candy. Music choice: Hip Hop
Atlanta GA, Age: 15
Hazard County Skatepark. Music choice: Anything
Derby Kansas, Age: 19
Mostic Inc. Music choice: Metal
Westerly RI, Age: 19
RVCA, Thunder, Etnies, Oakley, Hardtimes (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Houston TX, Age: 15
Southside Skatepark, Fallen, Mystery, Thunder. Music choice: Anything
Manhattan Beach CA, Age: 16
Civil Clothing, DVS (flow), Spyder Skate Shop . Music choice: Hip Hop
Salt Lake City UT, Age: 19
Odeus, Blind Side, Neff, Red Bull, Cassette . Music choice: Anything
Providence RI, Age: 18
Etnies (flow), Fountain of Youth Skate Shop. Music choice: Punk
New Orleans LA, Age: 19
etnies, Bones (flow), Food Products, Screw You Hardware, Humidity Skate Shop, 8103 Clothing. Music choice: Anything
Manasquan NJ, Age: 18
...Lost, Autobahn, Vans (Flow), Toy Machine (Flow), Belmar Pro Shop, RPM. Music choice: Wu Tang
Tampa FL, Age: 16
Destructo (flow). Music choice: Tyler the Creator Tr
Magnolia TX, Age: 20
Southside Skatepark, Emerica (flow). Music choice: Anything
Atlanta GA, Age: 24
Given, IPATH (flow), Oakley, Theeve Trucks, Progressive Skatepark, ERGO, SkullCandy. Music choice: Anything
Delta BC Canada, Age: 22
Plan B, Circa, Indy, CCS, RDS Clothing, Arnette, Monster. Music choice: Hip Hop
Barre VT, Age: 21
Silent Skateboards, Mountain Dew, Talent Skatepark, RIP eS (flow), Ashbury. Music choice: Hip Hop
Leesburg VA, Age: 24
KOOK, TORK TRUX, Fairfax Surf Shop, Cassette Sunglasses. Music choice: Hip Hop
Naples FL, Age: 19
. Music choice: Anything
Crystal Lake IL, Age: 15
RVCA. Music choice: NWA
New York NY, Age: 20
Savage Wheels, After Midnight Clothing, New Breed Skateboards, Straight Bolts Hardware, CD Skate Shop, Trophy Grip. Music choice: Hip Hop
Waynesboro PA, Age: 23
Pit Crew, Expedition, Etnies. Music choice: Anything
Jupiter FL, Age: 22
Shred Shed, Foundation, Dekline (flow). Music choice: anything
Parana Brazil, Age: 16
Blind, Nike (Flow), Spitfire, Independent, LB Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop


Santa Ana CA, Age: 15
Active, Autobahn (flow), Destructo (flow), Krochet Kids, Kogi BBQ, Element, Element Clothing. Music choice: Rock
Haifa Israel, Age: 24
Element (Israel). Music choice: Punk
Huntington Beach CA, Age: 20
etnies (flow), United Boardshop, Plan B, Matix, Bones, Venture. Music choice: Hip Hop
Neptune Beach FL, Age: 16
Vans (Flow), Nixon, Sunrise, Red Bull, Santa Cruz (flow), Paradise Wheels, 8103 Clothing. Music choice: Metal
Ft. Pierce FL, Age: 21
HUF(flow), Undercover Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Jupiter FL, Age: 17
Shred Shed. Music choice: Sabbath
Detroit MI, Age: 22
Transitions Skate Park. Music choice: Anything
Poway CA, Age: 17
Powell Peralta, Bones, Silver, Neff, K5. Music choice: Anything
Baltimore MD, Age: 22
VU Skateshop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Kailua HI, Age: 22
Oasis. Music choice: Hip Hop
Macdonnel GA, Age: 21
Hazzard County Skatepark, Osiris (flow), Celtic Skateboards, Origin. Music choice: Classic Rock
Atlanta GA, Age:
atnalta. Music choice:
Santiago Chile, Age: 18
Maui and Sons, Vox, All Skateboards. Music choice: Rock
Jaguariuna Brazil, Age: 20
DC Shoes Brazil, BLVD, Silver, Possible. Music choice: Hip Hop
Colorado Springs CO, Age: 19
Hoyal Boardshop. Music choice: Ghostface!!!
Media PA, Age: 20
World Industries (flow), ERGO (flow), Theeve Trucks, Fairman's Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
Calabasas CA, Age: 13
Thunder Trucks, Real, Spitfire, Etnies, Volcom, ValSurf, Skatelab, Bones Swiss. Music choice: Anything
Ontario CA, Age: 18
Plan B (flow), Silver (flow), LRG (flow), Globe (flow), Covert. Music choice: Hip Hop
Bayamon Puerto Rico, Age: 21
World Industries, Supra (Flow), KR3W (Flow), Derty Ramp, Skateboard Federation. Music choice: Reggeton
20: Cody Hale
Underhill VT, Age: 22
Talent Skate Park, Silent Skateboards, DC (flow), Phil's Custom Grip, Symptoms Collective. Music choice: Hip Hop
Costa Mesa CA, Age: 19
Skatepark of Tampa, Converse, Billabong, SK8Mafia. Music choice: Hip Hop
Orlando FL, Age: 17
Schtank Skateboards, Tork Trux, Dakline (flow), DNA Energy Drink, Strata, Catalyst . Music choice: Anything
23: JP Souza
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 21
Lakai, Diamond, Gold Wheels, Chocolate (flow),LB Skateshop, imking . Music choice: Hip Hop
Groton CT, Age: 18
Element (flow), 7 Ply Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Brasilia Brazil, Age: 20
Plan B, Silver, FKD, Bones wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Diamond, Foot Printer Insoles . Music choice: Hip Hop


Orange County CA, Age: 21
Silver trucks, FKD bearings, Furnace Skateshop, Supra Footwear, Kush Pops. Music choice: Hip Hop
Morehead MN, Age: 22
Red Bull, Prophecy Skateboards, Bones, Volcom. Music choice: Anything
Chicago IL, Age: 14
Bones Wheels, I&I Skateboards, Asylum. Music choice: Lil Wayne
Midway City CA, Age: 17
Active, Vitamin Water, Mighty Healthy, Element (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Jacksonville Beach FL, Age: 20
8103 Clothing, Sunrise. Music choice: Hip Hop
Oviedo FL, Age:
Magenta Skateboards (flow), Midtown Skatepark, Team Pain. Music choice: Gucci Mane
Vero Beach , FL, Age: 21
Undercover Skateshop. Music choice: Dinosaur Jr
Vancouver BC, Age: 21
Plan B, DC, RDS, Underworld Shop, FKD, Silver, Bones, Nixon. Music choice: Hip Hop
San Diego CA, Age: 20
Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings, Bones Wheels, Diamond Supply Co., Produce Headwear, Nixon, Dakine, DC Shoes (flow), Grizzly Grip, 95, Primitive. Music choice: Hip Hop
Carlsbad CA, Age: 17
Vans, Independent, Foundation, Spitfire. Music choice: Rock
Mechelen Belgium, Age: 19
Vans, Quiksilver, Toy Machine, Core Skate Shop. Music choice:
Shanghai China, Age: 24
Vans, Gift Skateboarding, Cart Wheels, Krux. Music choice: Hip Hop
Los Angeles CA, Age: 26
War Co, Autobahn, Venture, ERGO, Monster, Fresh Army Hardware, Active, Supra. Music choice: I'll talk to Wade!
Atlanta GA, Age: 23
Zoo York, Mountain Dew, Force Trucks, Ambush Skateshop, Altamont, Gold. Music choice: Hip Hop
Oakdale MN, Age: 16
Summit Board Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
16: TJ Sparks
St. Petersburg FL, Age: 24
Bones, Nixon, Westside Skateshop, Nike SB, Force Trucks, Elm Hats, Expedition One. Music choice: Hip Hop
Brisbane Australia, Age: 23
Matix Clothing, Stereo, Lakai, Picture Wheel Company, Modus bearings, Ashbury, The Bay Skate. Music choice: Rick Ross
Raleigh NC, Age: 13
Silver (flow), Delicious Skate Shop, Mostic. Music choice: Classic Rock
Santa Cruz CA, Age: 20
DC (flow), Alien Workshop (flow), Bill's Wheels, Dizn, Brixton. Music choice: 3 Six Mafia
Zurich Switzerland, Age: 17
Nike SB, Volcom, Baker (flow), Thunder (flow), Bones (flow), Network Skateshop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Massapequa NY, Age: 19
Zoo York (flow), Autobahn, Chapman Pro Shop. Music choice: ACDC
Sarasota FL, Age: 11
Force Trucks, The Compound Board Shop, Skate-Aid, Sk8skool, Payne Skatepark, VPX Energy Drink. Music choice: Weezy
North Hollywood CA, Age: 20
Chocolate, Lakai, Spitfire, Thunder, Val Surf, Diamond. Music choice: Hip Hop
Madison WI, Age:
Santa Cruz, Nike, Krux, Paradox. Music choice:
Minneapolis MN, Age: 24
Cal Surf, Nike PR, Venture, The Hundreds, Almost. Music choice: Wu Tang


Santa Cruz CA, Age: 19
Chocolate, ACE, Diamond, Lakai, Spitfire, Skate Works, DAF, Volcom. Music choice: Anything
American Fork UT, Age: 21
Enties (flow), Mystery (flow), Altamont. Music choice: Hip Hop
South El Monte CA, Age: 24
FTC, Royal, Fourstar, Autobahn, Nike SB, The High Five. Music choice: Prince
Houston Texas, Age: 22
Southside Skatepark, Alien Workshop (flow). Music choice: Anything
Chicago IL, Age: 21
Character Skateboards, Wellborn Clothing, Lakai, Small Town Skate Shop, Street Ice Wax, Alchemy Grip, Optimum Nutrition, Autobahn. Music choice: Hip Hop/ Funk
Tampa FL, Age: 23
Alien Workshop, Skatepark of Tampa, etnies, Dakine, Bones, Destructo, Altamont. Music choice: Hip Hop
Port Richey FL, Age: 24
8103 Clothing, Cons (flow), Bones (flow), Westside Skateshop, Elm Company (flow), Cliche (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Orlando FL, Age: 20
Element, DC Shoes, Bones Wheels, Swiss, Indy, Creative Life Support . Music choice: DJ Wade's Favorite
Las Vegas NV, Age: 22
Stacks, DVS, Pharmacy Skateshop, Spitfire, Krew, G-Shock, Carabou Beer, Quinton Hats, Thunder. Music choice: Weezy
Portland OR, Age: 21
Nike (flow), Indy (flow), CCS, Diamond (flow), Birdhouse. Music choice: Hip Hop Mac Dre
American Fork UT, Age: 23
Milo Sport, Habitat (flow), Bones (flow), Dizm Eyewear. Music choice: Hip Hop
Boise ID, Age: 19
Prestige Skateshop. Music choice: Classic Rock
Lake Forrest CA, Age: 19
5boroNYC, Nike, Royal Trucks, Heel Bruise, Focus Board Shop, Pig Wheels (flow). Music choice: Britney Spears
, Age:
Alchemy, DC (flow), BC Surf and Sport. Music choice:
15: David Loy
Santa Ana CA, Age: 20
Birdhouse, Converse, ERGO, Thunder, Active, Spitfire, RobBrink.com, 8=D, Krochet Kids, Alchemy, Glassy, Diamond. Music choice: Odd Future
Springfield IL, Age: 25
Ate Up Skateboards, Skank Skates. Music choice: Anything
17: TJ Harris
Orlando FL, Age: 21
Expedition (flow), LRG (flow), DC (flow), Midtown Skatepark, Gold Wheels (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Jacksonville FL, Age: 15
DVS, Matix, World Industries, Force Trucks, Elm (flow), Clockwork Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Toronto Canada, Age: 15
Hammer Skate Shop, Quiksilver (flow), Krooked (flow), Word Zine. Music choice: Anything
Lake Elsinore CA, Age: 25
Active, Warco Skateboards, Mexico. Music choice: Hip Hop
NYC NY, Age: 25
Shut, DVS, Supreme, Bones Bearings, Famous, Spitfire, Thunder, Arnette. Music choice: Hip Hop
Flagler Beach FL, Age: 19
Midtown Skatepark, DC (flow), RipNDip, Toy Machine. Music choice: Anything
Cocoa Beach FL, Age: 19
Birdhouse, Fallen (flow), Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Insight, Skatepark of Tampa. Music choice: Sabbath
Hawthorne CA, Age: 17
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Globe, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss. Music choice: Hip Hop
Prague CZ, Age: 20
DC, Royal, Jessup, Ambassador, Skull Candy. Music choice:


Kihei HI, Age: 22
Foundation, Dekline, Pig, Super Brand Apparel. Music choice: Anything
Salt Lake UT, Age: 17
Osiris, BC Surf and Sport, Darkstar, Monster, Bones. Music choice: Metal
San Francisco CA, Age: 22
FTC, Western Edition, Nike (flow). Music choice: Anything
Sacramento CA, Age: 16
Lakai (flow), Royal (flow), LRG (flow), Organika, Bones. Music choice: Hip Hop
Highland CA, Age: 20
Stereo, Ezekiel, Red Bull, Agency Board Shop. Music choice: Anything
Douglassville PA, Age: 18
Skate Mental (Flow), Autobahn (Flow), Fairman's Skateshop. Music choice: Anything
Porto Alegre RS Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Age: 20
Converse, Plan B, Indy, Autobahn, LRG. Music choice: Hip Hop
Columbus OH, Age: 20
Gatorade, Nomis Clothing, Green Trucks, Charm City Skate Park. Music choice: Hip Hop
Houston TX, Age: 24
Southside Skatepark, Altamont (flow), Gnarboro, Thunder, Etnies, The High Five (flow). Music choice: Worst Shit Ever
Jacksonville FL, Age: 17
Sunrise Surf Shop, Type-S Wheels. Music choice: Classic Rock
Portland OR, Age: 22
Nike SB (flow), Cal's Pharmacy, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder. Music choice: Wocka - Karma
Larvik Norway, Age: 16
DVS, Pig, Independent, Toy Machine, RVCA. Music choice: Anything
13: Tim Zom
Rotterdam Netherlands, Age: 23
Ben G, The Hundreds, Skate Mental, Nike SB. Music choice: ODB
Shanghai China, Age: 24
Nike SB, Gift. Music choice:
Columbia SC, Age: 20
Celtic Skateboards, Tork Trux, Blue Tile. Music choice: Hip Hop
Honoka'a Hawaii Big Island, Age: 24
Paradox Grip Tape, Habitat (flow), Bones (flow), Theeve Trucks (flow), Naked Society Clothing, Oasis Skateshop. Music choice: Gang Starr- Above th
17: Paul Hart
Jacksonville FL, Age: 18
8103 Clothing, Cliche, C1RCA, Vestal, Bones, Sunrise, Usko, MonaVie. Music choice: Weezy
Houston TX, Age: 22
Southside Skatepark, Santa Cruz, DC. Music choice: Anything
Covina CA, Age: 20
Billabong, Element Skateboards, Indy, Bones (flow), Pawn Shop Skate, Vans (flow). Music choice: Gangster ass shit!
Santa Clarita CA, Age: 15
Billabong, Val Surf Skate Shop, Vans (flow), Habitat (flow), Autobahn (flow), Indy (flow), Paradox. Music choice: Gang Starr/Nas
Toronto Canada, Age: 16
Hammer Skate Shop, Etnies, CBMK Skatepark. Music choice: Biggie
Cypress CA, Age: 23
KR3W, Blind, Supra, Shake Junt, Venture, Bones, Produce, Furnace. Music choice: Hip Hop
Raleigh NC, Age: 22
Spitfire, Indy, Endless Grind Skate Shop, Nike SB, Skate Mental, Mighty Healthy. Music choice: Hip Hop
Rumson NJ, Age: 17
ERGO (flow), DC (flow). Music choice: Anything
San Paulo Brazil, Age: 21
Bones (flow), Lakai (flow), Alchemy Grip. Music choice: Punk


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