SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2011

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It was 100% gangster our front.
Seamus almost looks like he didn't dress up.
VNasty and Kreayshawn are ready for the show.
Casey's got that street cred gangstaism.
Gib has that store bought gangstaism.
Jacob with a gangster ass Tampa Kit.
Aaron Austin demonstrates how a simple prop makes you thug.
Sweatshirt: $15 at Burlington Coat Factory. Cargo Sweatpants: $10 at Burlington Coat Factory. Cookie Monster Hat: $10 at WalMart. Jesus: Free.
Twitter champs @Porpe and @LitteringBanana.
Big Baby Jesus.
Pause for a foot fetish.
Kevin, see you at the Bro Bowl.
Clem's back with the corn rows, T4PREZ is back with the antlers.
Angel and "Rob's Sister," natural gangsters that don't need props.
Vanessa and Matt. I need to see that interview you did.
Pause for another foot fetish. People have very ungangster footwear.
AK, that should be an AK.
Yonnie's smoke detector chain is straight gangster until you light up and realize it's not as cool as you first thought.
Pat, hold my camera while I piss.
What ghetto was Darren thinking of?
Now it's time to use my recycled joke: Why don't you gamble in Africa? Because there's too many cheetas.
Knibbs, you should run this look all year.
Alex and Michael Fish under the disco lights. Alex was on the dance floor with Knibbs. That's what the disco lights do to you.
Ghetto beach ball.
Who dat?
Wit E Beats and Wife-E Beats.
It's perfectly okay to have a foot fetish with yourself.
The cheeta's on the prowl.
You can find Clements in the Commoners column on My wife Brittany and I had some laughs over how many photos Porpe has with superstars, so we took a few hours and made him that website. You know you want on it. Maybe I'll make some room for you in 2012.
Good night ya'll. See you downtown, Carl!


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