Tampa Pro 2012: Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2012: Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Not only did I have my phone out filming the whole weekend, I also had my camera pointed in your face, and sometimes mine. Here are some of my favorites from the weekend from the Contest to the nightlife and everything in between.

Bobby works with me back in Innetech boxing your orders up and shipping them. If you ever have issues with orders or questions, you can email either of us at rob@skateparkoftampa.com or bobby@skateparkoftampa.com. On weekends like this, it will take me a few days to get back to you, but other than that, hit me up anytime.
Bobby, Porpe, and Tito photo bombing.
Stefan Janoski and Justin Strubing shortly after one of many collisions on the course all day.
Danny Sargent was here soaking it all in, sauce included.
I never asked Vincent Alvarez why his wheels looked like he got them a year ago. I don't even think we'd take those for Boards for Bros.
The ATL Twins are in town making a film with Harmony Kroine in St. Pete. Thanks for stopping by the Contest.
I met these dudes on the streets of Ybor on Friday night. Greg and Josh are from Conneticut and have been coming to Tampa Pro for a while. They got the new ink this weekend.
Jake from Volcom has a gnarly one on Hall of Meat on Thrasher's website. I don't like watching those videos so I haven't seen it, but that's what that cast is from.
Don't touch Bobby Worrest's Jager.
Pause for a foot fetish with Alex B from the Shop.
Black Lips killed it at the Tampa Pro Party.
Vern Laird killed it on the social networking.
Kenny Anderson killed it on melting lady hearts.
Franchise Boi and Theotis killed it late night.
Um, like, um, hi, I like, um, DJ 'n stuff. Mmmkay, like kewl.
Beats by Dre did up the Snack Bar and had some fine cuisine for the pros to dig into.
Body's VIP list for the Beats lounge includes just two people.
Anthony Verdi, Yonis Molina, Piro Sierra, and lady friend. I don't think that's Pepsi in those cups.
Ronnie Creager got some SPoT ink.
Red Bull provided entertainment for the tykes and the adults with video games in the back and a broadcast of the webcast on the side.
The new "free stickers" is free SPoT tats.
Pause for a foot fetish with homie Wit E Beats who recently got hit by a truck on his motorcyle. He's on non-skateboard wheels for a few months but recovering quick.
I had to give Kenny Anderson a Frontside Grind Magazine cover when I saw him doing these 5-0's around the corner.
Okay, Weezy just showed up and came through the back door. A few people who were lurking got photos with him.
This board that Weezy is signing is now up for auction for charity right here.
Beats by Dre's lockers got all tagged up by the pros, so I added the logo for my production company, Penisaurusrex.
Schaefer was giving out SPoT tattoos. Wow, how much wilder can things get back there?
This is TB the Tampa Boy and his homie Andre on the left. He just turned 18 and put out a damn good hip-hop album that I currently have on rotation. Check the album out here. Mad shout outs to SPoT in the Thrash track.
DJ Wade is spinning the iPads like toys and risking the Contest progress. Maybe he should spin records instead.
Body backs Torey.
This is where the live webcast pre-show went down. We'll make it even better next year. That was our first time. It will only get better from here like everything else we do.
This is Italo Romano and Mirela who came with him from Brazil. They hit me up about the Pro just a week prior and made it happen and got over here.
Pat Stiener, welcome to the Pro judging staff.
Where can we find all those photos you took, ladies?
Amelia has the best seat in the house yet again.
Torey Pudwill prior to putting a whipping on the course for the win.
Ryan Sheckler got some SPoT ink, too. Damn, thanks everyone for repping!
More tasty digs in the Beats by Dre Snack Bar. I wonder how hard these girls got hit on all weekend. I know my wife Brittany had her fair share of mad dudes attempting the game.
Porpe and his brother Sebastian. Don't end up in court with that puppy, Porpe.
In the back, it looked like a concert was going on. Nope, just Lil Wayne skating.
Caleb and homie got the right idea with collecting autographs on decks.
Other people brought photos for collecting autographs.
Weezy's got a decent boardslide down the small hubba.
Naragansett was served up free every day at 4pm by Andrea here.
Harmony Korine and Lil Wayne had their own little celebrity section going.
Porpe gets top three for all the hard work and hard lurk this weekend.
Sean Sheffey got a Blind tat.
Check my latest cell phone edit for the story behind this guy's ink. It's amazing.
Lots of people get picked up at the awards at Tampa Pro, but no one ever got picked up after making a trick like Mike V did.
We gave Wayne a Just for Showing Up Award.
All of the Just for Showing Up Awards included Sean Sheffey, James Craig, Mark Akiyama, Rick McCrank, John Lucero, Weezy, Darin O'Brien, Joey Giambalvo, Katie Faulkner, and the one we had to give to ourselves because we wanted to have one here at SPoT.
Damn, doesn't anyone tell Weezy that rabbit ears are wack little kid and old man style?
Kyle Berard got the Skateboard Mag Fan Favorite Award.
When are you ever going to see Mike V and Tunechi together in a photo? Only at Tampa Pro. Mike V got the Red Bull "That $h!t's Tight" award.
Looks like Wayne had a good time. Thanks again for hanging out.
It was cool seeing Chris Cole fan out.
I interrupt this broadcast for a commercial break.
Rodrigo Leal did a hardflip backside noseblunt slide on the rail and won the Silver Trucks Best Trick.
I wonder if Weezy knows Nyjah used one if his songs in his video part?
I want all three of these.
Everybody loves Leo, but he doesn't love everybody back.
Congrats again, Torey.
Top three for Tampa Pro 2012.
I spy a SPoT tattoo.
Torey and his girlfriend congratulating.
Later that night, we're all at The Bricks. Thinhead Chapin Atchison is back in town.
Mike V hung out all night and was nice enough to put up with our drunk antics involving cameras and such.
Little lady, big dude. Wow.
Jaime Owens and Chris Bywater from Skateboarder Mag. Their edit of the Tampa Pro Finals is amazing.
The Flip crew - Ian Deacon, Andrew Shusterman, and David Gonzales with lurker DJ Wade.
It's always the most fun by the DJ booth when this dude is on the 1's and 2's.
Cullen, Sarah, George Cutright from adidas, and Pat Stiener with a chokehold on his girl.
The locals.
You might know Hottjen from her activity on the interwebs.
Not exactly the shirt girls wanna pose with. I forced them to.
Hope everyone got a good meal before soaking the liver in booze.
Curls, curls, curls.
Justin Strubing and Duffy.
Wow, Sean Sheffey and Pat Duffy. I never would have guessed I'd be taking this photo one day.
Thanks to all our Brazilian homies that showed up and hung out all weekend.
Chris Haslam and Diana, a new employee at Beats by Dre that lives in Tampa.
More locals on lurk.
The Transworld Cinematographer Project premiere is in front of this crowd right now. I need to watch it sober.
Thanks Blair from Transworld for bringing the video. He's with Hottjen and DP, mayors of Czar.
Wow, Brian Schaefer actually not working at The Bricks.
Jorge and Devin, who also worked just as hard this weekend shooting photos for Beats by Dre.
Brian Reardon is responsible for the webcast. You saw how amazing the quality was. Hire him and his company Auxiliary Channel if you want a damn professional job done.
It's a pleasure partying with Mic-E Reyes and DJ Wade.
Matt Woods and Sarah are on hard street lurk out front at The Bricks. I think it was more fun outside.
Gabe Clement has been coming to Tampa Pro since day one.
Sheckler, Aquil, Torey, and Dave. I hope you were all as drunk as I was. I don't remember taking this photo.
Yep, don't remember this one either. Apparently, the ladies swept Ryan Sheckler off his feet. It's usually the other way around.
Nick Trapasso isn't afraid to check under the dress and even plant a wet sloppy one.
Sierra helping out Sierra.
We're all as happy as Brian Schaefer right here.
Fred Gall, however, apparently took the red pill instead of the blue pill. He needs some care from Shuriken.
I had a few people tell me they met my sister Maureen this weekend and said, "She's awesome." Yep, agreed. Thanks for the amazing weekend everyone. Let's do that again soon.

Cell Phone Edit: Weekend at Tampa Pro


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