SPoT Employee Christmas Party at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee Christmas Party at The Bricks

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Last night was the SPoT Employee and Extended Employee and Significant Others and Friends and Stuff Christmas Party at The Bricks. Here's what I found in my camera this morning.

I rolled up to The Bricks and found Santa getting all kinds of street corner love.
Reindeer games going on out front with Casey.
Santa in no complies in between cigarettes.
Ryan Clements with OG SPoT local Duffy.
Matt Woods getting gifted by drunk Santa.
More gifting from drunk Santa.
Tiffany helps with all the pencil pushing and classic bid'niss work such as debiting and crediting here at the Park and The Bricks. Drunk Santa hooked her up with Braveheart and a wig? Yep, weird gifts are the best.
Spawn of HiDefJoe has never seen an all tatted up Santa before.
Josh, Treshan, Jared, Matt, and Uncle Sam in a big old drunk Santa gifting circle.
Shaqueefa associates Piro and Body.
It's 9am the following morning and I'm here in Innetech with Alex and drunk Santa right now. They are not this lively.
Significant others Brittany and Jenna.
Casey, Justin, Adam, and Alex, shortly before the disappearing act of Justin.
You gotta be strong to be picking up drunk Santa and all that booze he's soaked up. Who dat?
Oh damn, it's Alex B. She's tough.
Drunk Santa mentioned something about an "accidental" boob grab on this pickup.
You can find Jeff in SPoT Ybor and Crash in the Dungeon.
You think Santa goes down chimneys? Drunk Santa here smokes like one.
Drunk Santa's not going to let you sneak out of The Bricks without a photo.
Dylan Perry bobblehead doppleganger.
Jata and Pat, SPoT contractors.
Clements, Dylan, Pat, Piro, and Body, standard issue squad photo.
Our gift exchange involves being able to take the gift of the person who chose a gift before you. Jared and Crash are up first.
Josh got some Crown. Whoever's next is likey swiping that.
Oh damn, drunk Santa's up next? I wonder if he's going to take the Crown?
Yep, of course.
We were expecting Kearly to show up this morning in his Ninja Turtles suit.
Clem came up on a pack of Kools, some box wine, and a scratch off.
Couples Snuggies!
FSEC party barge.
Porpe could not have been happier to have opened up this Trukfit vest.
Tom ended up taking Porpe's Trukfit vines.
Alex with the traditional Christmas socks pack.
Treshan got a strip of scratch offs. He ended up going for Alex's socks.
HiDefJoe got some kind of old school keyboard or something. I don't know those tools.
Uncle Sam and his Nerf Gun, a popular item to hold on to.
AlBow aka MP3J opened up a sock monkey.
AlBow goes for the Nerf Gun trade only to be swiped by Chris Kelly coming in next.
AlBow ends up with street gold, a non-operational thugged out wrist piece.
Luke's next in line and takes the Nerf Gun.
Casey came up on the infomercial smash hit of the year.
The Shake Weight gets traded for the Nerf Gun. You would have done that, too.
Alex walked away with some Bones Swiss.
Oops, Pat Stiener swiped the Bones Swiss and Matt's holding on to the next hot item, some of Casey's work.
Body ended up with Casey's piece and is hoping Jereme who just opened up some booze doesn't trade out.
Art wins over booze and the gift exchange is a wrap, or should I say unwrap.
Thanks to everyone for another great year at SPoT and yet another fun night at The Bricks.
Later that night, drunk Santa was spotted on some suspect looking crinack deals in the alley. Good night, Merry Christmas.


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