Old Man Tuesdays: Schaefer's Birthday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Tuesdays: Schaefer's Birthday

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

This week on Old Man Tuesdays, it was also Brian Schaefer's birthday, so that brought out an extra windfall of rabbit ears laces, Pro Designed pads, dad jeans, and of course, the Editor.

HiDefJoe Video

Old Man Tuesday' usually starts with a vert session. It's always nice to see Mike Frazier crushing the lip.
There can't be an Old Man Tuesdays without the editor coming out to shoot a cover. Todd Morrow's second Frontside Grind Magazine appearance is sure to make his sponsors resign all contracts.
Schaefer's still got the egg on lock. It' also his birthday today which has tons of extra old guys out for OMT.
Mike Frazier - stalefish to fakie.
Over in the bowl, an informal jam has started where Dylan Perry has joined the matures. That's a blunt fakie.
Levi's surf style sprays water on every bowl slash.
Levi coming in for a coping smack.
FSEC running deep as usual.
Uncle Sam's got it on the tranny, too. Nice back smith.
Schaefer and Casey were screaming at you all night like a band.
John Burgess, SPoT OG.
Tom's got a feeble around the corner.
Brother of Brian Schaefer, Wayne aka Wayne-a-thon.
We'll see Brennan Campbell in Tampa Am Vert next month during Tampa Pro. Here he boardslides for the lineup.
I'm borrowing Bob Croslin's remote flashes that I never use and clearly don't know what I'm doing. They're blowing out half my photos because I'm shooting at the wrong angles. Thanks to The Bricks Squad for hanging out tonight.
Michelle used to skate at SPoT in the early days and joined us in the bowl today.
Bandmates Brian Schaefer and Ed Selego.
We should have a 20 Year Anniversary of Kyle Randall Boardsliding Through Corners.
Edwin's son is growing up so fast. One day I'll join him.
Another Skatepark of Tampa OG, Darrin Rutledge, from the days of when SPoT was a residence.
Jimmy the Greek came in hot and stayed hot the whole night. That's a feeble around the corner.
Jacob got a legit Texas plant off the wall.
Once boardslide guy, always boardslide guy. That's OMT Mayor John Party.
Dylan Perry wrapped it up with a nosepick.
Thanks to Brixton and Creature for hooking up the goods to give out.


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