Tampa Am 2016: Thursday Practice Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2016: Thursday Practice Coverage

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2016 by Chris

Over 200 Ams from all over the world made their way down to Florida this weekend to skate the 23rd Annual Tampa Am and show off their skills. Yesterday was practice all day, but the skating was so good, you'd think it was the Finals. Check out a photo recap and stay tuned for the SPoT Life edit coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Greeted yesterday morning by the devilish grin of Reggie Kelly aka R. Kellz.
Ish Cepeda stays in the pajamas and Lipslides in total comfort.
Jace Torkelson Feebles of the Switch variation.
When you’re from a place like Portland Oregon with a million skateparks you best know how to catch a bit of air, Austin Thongvivong abides.
Baker Boys were runnin’ tings in the Back Bowl, Kader Sylla sets the vibe with some Backside Airs over the hip.
Brian Upapong might be a joker, but no jokin around about filing the frame on a FS Fastplant.
Preparing for Saturday nights Converse Concrete Bowl Jam.
Hugo Boserup bosses up a FS Stalefish.
Damnnnnn that a long bitch, Henry Gartland goes the distance.
Taihou Tokura spots his landing mid Ally-Oop.
Kickflippin’ into grinds is Dominick Walker’s business and business is good, Kicky Back Overcrook.
Alejandro Burnell skates the bowl like gettin’ into your iPhone; he knows the code.
JS Lapierre jumps the gun.
Tucked n’ Poked, David Dixon shows you his Moon Star.
Lucas Rabelo Kickflips over a Hubba and the shadow of a dummy.
Jhancarlos Gonzalez’ skating is so gnarly that it'll have you bouncing off the walls in no time.
Fresh off King Of The Road, Kevin Baekkel blasts a Madonna.
Dad Cam or Rad Cam??
Lookin like a photo from SPoT in '97, unknown battalion soldier blasts Backside.
Gabriel Fortunato Fakie Ollies into a Switch Back Smith.
Come visit the Board For Bros tent! They got everything you need and the money goes to getting kids on board; you can’t lose!
David Dixon plays the part of Wallman.
Team Leaders just rappin’ it out.
Marcos Montoya takes advantage of the new layout taking a Front Feeble Transfer into the launcher.
Isiah Sanchez goes upside down over the hole, sketchy business.
The French Canadian Connection says: Au Revoir!! Check back throughout the day and so on for more hot juicy action; better yet get your ass down to SPoT this weekend!!!


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