SPoT Free Fridays / Spring Roll 2017 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Free Fridays / Spring Roll 2017 Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 by Chris

While the away team was in Atlanta for our first Damn Am stop a couple weeks ago, we geared up for our annual Spring Roll all ages contest here at the park. It's always great to see rippers of every generation come out and give it their all. And as we do every First Friday of the month, the day before was free skating for SPoT members to show our appreciation. We fired up the grill for some free BBQ and topped it off with a Best Trick contest, where everyone had a chance to come up on some free product. After the dust settled, we showed the classic "Reel to Real" video in our new Transitions venue - a classic. Josh Bowser got photos of it all, which you can peep below.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Liam is hyped to be here at another Free Friday at SPoT; so hyped he forced me to take this photo of him.
Sly is hyped too...
Matt Cava getting his tranny game tight. Fakie Smith.
Brian was getting into it with the young ones. They love shredding with the Boss.
Sly Sullivan : FS 5-0
Let's bring into the course now, where the boys are warming up for the Best Trick contest. Liam : BS Smith
Jay signing everyone up.
Sly : Fakie FS Flip
Elijah Allred : BS Lipslide
Tony Agar : Smith Grind
Tony Agar : BS Boneless
Name, age, rank...
Elias Heitmann : Impossible Lipslide
Tony Agar : Smith Grind
Sly Sullivan : Kickflip Underflip
Zakar Hussein : FS Nosegrind
Dylan Rodriguez : Hardflip
Zakar : FS Blunt
Best Trick Top 3 : 1st Place Elias Heitmann, 2nd Place Sly Sullivan, 3rd Place Dylan Rodriguez
Congratulations on 1st Place to Elias Heitmann for his Impossible Lipslide FS Shove Out
We played the classic "Reel to Real" video from Real Skateboards after the Best Trick. Thanks for coming out to another Free Friday session. See you all next month!
THE NEXT DAY...Spring Roll 2017 All Ages Contest - The young guns line up to get the 8 and Under division started.
The illustrious DJ Cub spun the tunes all day to get us all hyped to skate. Thanks Cub!
Elijah Wolcott : Back Lip
Thanks to all of the parents and relatives who always come out to show support!
The young guys are getting so good that these contests are getting really tough to judge. These dudes had their work cut out for them.
Nothing but love from the young homies...
Keanan Hinton came all the way from Colorado to rip in the 9-12 Division. Crooked Grind
Nash Barfield : 5050 to Drop
Nash Barfield : Boneless
Zion Effs : Kickflip
The contest was really exciting, but we weren't all feeling the juice. It's okay dude, I was really tired that day too.
Contest burgers just taste better.
The paparazzi was in attendance...
Getting total coverage.
Jack Wahl : FS Feeble
Jason Huber : FS Lipslide
Eric Abdou-Essa might have shown up a little late for his registration photo, but his skating was right on time.
Griptape art is pretty next level these days and we totally back it.
Jake Malick : FS Bluntslide
I ended up having too much fun watching Malique Simpson skate his runs to take enough photos of him as he took First Place in the 13-15 Division. FS Bluntslide
Grace Morhoefer handled her runs with lots of consistency and just barely missed the Top 3. BS Feeble
Guest Announcer Jack Wahl about to announce the Top 3...
All of the 8 and Under skaters are more impressive to watch every year. Keep ripping guys!
Top 5 in the 9-12 Division : (L-R) Keanan Hinton, Chaz Moreno, Samuel Pereira, Noah Nagaro and Jonah Clark
Top 5 in the 13-15 Divison : (L-R) Grace Morhoefer, Aaronn Depaulis, Malique Simpson, Jake Malick, Ryan Cullen
Crusty Mayo Crew was in full effect. Thanks for coming out boys!
Liam Brocks : BS Smith
Shout out to all the moms who came out. Especially the ones raising the new generation of skaters!
Chris Scott : Heelflip
Benny Landy-Pavlon : Barley Grind
Jonah Childs : FS Feeble
Vladimir Cabrera : FS Noseblunt
Vladimir Cabrera : FS Smith
Lester Cepero : Nollie Heelflip Noseslide
JC Mazza : SW Front Board
JC Mazza : BS Lip
When you take this many photos in a day you are bound to cut off the occasional hand or two. Josh Wolff : BS Smith
Jesse Villamor blew a few minds with this FS Nosegrind UP the Hubba.
Elias Heitmann came all the way from Norway to skate this contest, seriously! Thank you for coming out and killing it all weekend Elias.
Nick Wallace : Lofty FS Ollie
Lester Cepero : BS Tailslide
All eyes are on you once you drop in for your run. It can be a lot of pressure...just kidding! It's all good fun.
Lester Cepero : BS Smithing his way to First Place in the Sponsored Division.
Desmond White : Nollie FS Crook. Wow
Zakar Hussein was hyping everyone up all day and still had the energy to kill it during his run. FS Feeble
Zakar Hussein : FS 5-0
He's even hyped when he falls.
Matt Lindo representing for Koala Skateboard Co. Thanks for coming out Matt!
This is what everyone was gunning for today, one of those prized chicken trophies.
Pause for fashion update; Corn Rows are back.
Top 5 in the 16 and Up Divsion: Nick Laboy, Liam Brocks, Jake Yanko, Benny Landy-Pavlon, Meagan Guy
Top 5 in the Sponsored Division: Elias Heitmann, Nick Wallace, Lester Cepero, Josh Wolff, Jesse Villamor
Thank you as always to all the skaters, parents, relatives and everyone else who comes out to enjoy a day of skateboarding. Now let's throw out some free s#*t!


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