Andalè Wheelie Dope Coverage 2017 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Andalè Wheelie Dope Coverage 2017

Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 by Chris

Andalè knows how to kick off the weekend with the Wheelie Dope contest here at the Skatepark of Tampa. All the locals showed up not only to throw down tricks but to hang out with Joey Brezinski and win a trip to the finals in Santa Monica. After his trip to Barcelona, Joey showed up sick as a dog but toughed it out and still had a blast taking Snapchats and sticking his head through the broken Andale piñata. Everyone skated, ate some burgers, attacked the piñata and had fun with their friends all night, and this was just the start of the weekend. Huge thanks to Andalè Bearings and Joey Brezinski for bringing another great time to SPoT!!

Photos: Matt Rice and Josh Bowser
Video: Frank Branca
The weather wasn't really in our favor, but at least the rain stopped in time for everyone to show up.
Frank Branca was in town, filming a SPoT Life episode of the Wheelie Dope contest. Always rad to have you in town Frank!
Joey Brezinski was kind enough to join us in Tampa for the conest, even though he was sick.
"Doctor said I was sick...I said "True..""
The scooter kids were getting pretty sick too; must be contagious.
"How you feel today Joey?" "Shitty."
Glancy with perfect photo technique getting all the skaters head shots.
Who do you roll with? Everyone showed up for the had fun with their buddies.
Line up, fools.
Kirby and his boss, Angel, enjoy the contest and holding it down all weekend.
Robby Kirkland leading Eric Weingart across the lower level pad.
Yonis on some harsh judgement tip.
The trick list: Looks like Ethan & Robby landed a lot of stuff.
The Judges had their work cut out for them keeping an eye on tons of tricks going down.
Joey Brezinski and his giant Andale Pinata!
"Let the Pinata Battle commence!"
Keenan ready to go to bat.
First dibs on the Pinata goes to the young guns.
"We need total coverage." Derick has it handled.
Joey filmed all the madness on his SnapChat.
Tim dealing the Death Blow. Nothing would ever be the same after that.
Piñata casualty!
Dog pile on what's inside that Andale Pinata!
Huge thanks to Joey Brezinski for toughing out being sick and enjoying a great time for the contest.
Ya man's came up on some bearings and hardware. Thanks Andale!
Another Prize Pile winnner, or should I say survivor.
Out in the courtyard, Pete showing off his flip tricks all weekend long.
Andalè burgers?!?!
"Let's pour it up!"
Sip, Sip. Sipping...
Sip, Sipping on some Sizzurp...
"It's so good when it hits your lips."
What's up SPoT crew?!?!
Your Top 5: Eric Weingart, Ethan Harr, Robby Kirkland, Braden Stelma and Sam Bellipanni absolutely crushed it!
Eric Weingart taking the win for the second year straight.
Best Trick and Second Place runner up, Ethan Harr was all smiles but Tim Geiger wants to know "Whats in the box!!!".
Break it down boys! Teamwork to get the place clean. Thanks to Andalè Bearings and to Joey Brezinski for making it out, despite being sick.


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