SPoT Free Fridays / Lakai Video Premiere Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Free Fridays / Lakai Video Premiere Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 by Chris

Some photos from the Lakai "The Flare" Florida premiere right here at SPoT. I stuck around to watch some warm ups for the best trick contest and make sure the audio was on point - oh, and laugh my ass off at MC Alex "Lee Roth" Johnson cracking jokes, but then I had to break out and go DJ at The Bricks. Judging by Josh's photos though, it looked like a rad time. - CUB

Photos and captions by Josh Bowser
Not only did we get to premiere Lakai's newest video, we also got give away some of their newest gear and shoes. Brian and the boys showcase some of the goodies.
We also premiered a new video by the Crusty Mayo crew, called "Girth". Subtle name fellas.
Jay Huber is juiced for both vids.
Jack Wahl - Back Smith.
Cash Gaddes wills an XXL Flick to Fakie.
Curl Cousins.
Our host, AJ5000 on the hunt for someone who fits a size 3...
Found him! Congrats lil man.
Marse - Back 5050 Across & Down.
Jack had to change into shorts to cool down and get this Front Crook.
Before we showed the videos, we had ourselves a good ole fashioned Best Trick. Shop Manager Kirby got everyone signed in.
Shoes for Tricks; about as simple as it gets.
Ready to pass judgement.
Jay Huber - Front Smith.
These two really enjoy their Doubles. Jay & Sly Front 5-0's.
Jack - Feeble Grind.
Matt Savidakis - BS 180 Nosegrind Back to Regular.
Definitely good enough for a pair of shoes.
Marse blowing minds with this 360 Flip Noseblunt.
Alex Szlabonyi destroyed the rail and took home First Place. Heelflip Back Lip.
Congratulations Alex!
Video Time! Crowd in everyone.
The house was packed early in anticipation.
Kids were getting so hyped that someone focused Sly's board.
Our local stars, The Crusty Mayo Crew:(L-R: Michael Adam, Joe Moulton, Jay Huber, Jack Wahl, Sly Sullivan, Matt Savidakis, Jack McMahon, Jordi Zapata)
Brian introducing the Lakai video right before we showed it. "NO photos and NO cellphones out guys! Lakai worked really hard on this video and we don't want to leak it." So with that, I turned off my camera and that was the end of my night. Thanks to everyone for coming out and a Special Thanks to Lakai for allowing us to premiere "The Flare"!


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