SPoT Free Fridays / Anti Hero Video Premiere Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Free Fridays / Anti Hero Video Premiere Coverage

Posted on Monday, August 7, 2017 by Chris

While our away team was in Amsterdam this past weekend, we had an all ages contest to hold down here at the park. The best way to get pumped for our Back To School Bash is to watch a rad skate video and hold a Best Trick Jam the night before. Anti Hero was nice enough to hook us up with a copy of their new "The Body Corporate" video and a bunch of free stuff to give away, so we let the kids go at it and got some photos from the day. Thanks to everyone who made it out and especially to Anti Hero! Make sure you pick up a copy of the DVD and check it out.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Ryan Cullen - Fastplant
Shelby Meyer - Kickflip
Josh Wilson - 360 Flip
Shelby Meyer - Back Tail
Liam Brocks - Back Smith
Josh Wilson signs up the squad for Best Trick.
These dudes are ready to get lit off a few free ones courtesy of PBR. Thanks for coming out guys!
You already know Grillmaster Pete is handling burger duty.
Nick Cordano - Front Blunt Shuv Out
Kris Clayton - FS Hurricane
Sam Bellipanni - Front Blunt Transfer
A Madonna is only a Madonna if you smack the tail. Sebastian Tucci abides by the rules.
Paolo Vergara - Fakie Hurricane
Miles McKinney - Boneless
Miles McKinney - Fakie Ollie to Wallride
Chuckie Lane moving in traffic
Chuckie Lane - Slob
Tiger Gunter reppin' for his favorite Big Oil Conglomerate.
SPoT Buyer Alec Gabler and the newest FSEC member, Kirby Woodruff. Best of luck on your future career Kirby!
SPoT Upper Gods with our Best Trick winners, Nick Cordano and Kris Clayton. Congrats guys, now let's watch the new Antihero video, "The Body Corporate".
Peace out from Alex Johnson and all of us at SPoT! Thanks to everyone who made it out and a special shout out to DLXSF & Antihero Skateboards for making this possible.


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