2017 Boards for Bros Build Day In Honor of Matt Woods Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Boards for Bros Build Day In Honor of Matt Woods

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 by Chris

It's one of our favorite times of year: the Build Day. Here's a quick rundown for those of you not familiar with Boards for Bros: First, we collect your old, non-broken decks throughout the year. Second, we use your donated money to purchase hardware, trucks, wheels, griptape and bearings. Third, we get a bunch of volunteers to build the complete skateboards. Fourth, we take said skateboards and distribute them to underprivileged communities all over the place. So now that you know, Saturday's event makes more sense, right? We set up tents in the courtyard and braved the Florida heat to assemble skateboards for distribution, but there were also tents selling food, apparel, garage sale treasures and more, with all proceeds going to Boards for Bros. This year Atomic Tattoos got us a dunk tank - Schaefer himself even volunteered to take the plunge - and kids were lining up to take a shot at the bossman. Thanks to Holland & Knight, Sheckler Foundation and each and every person that volunteered, whether you were picking up trash or gripping a board...you helped make a difference. Every year we do this in honor of our fallen homie Matt Woods, and he would've been stoked. #BaldEagleForever

Photos: Josh Bowser
Volunteers from Holland & Knight Law Office always come to help us set up boards during any Build Day event. Thanks for your continued support guys!
Truck assembly line.
The hardware team (seen here) attached the donated trucks to used decks before sending them off to get griptape.
Time for griptape.
Joel Box was at the end of the Assembly line, doing a final inspection to make sure those completes are ready to rip.
The final product, a ton of new completes ready to be donated.
Meanwhile, inside the Pro Course, the 2017 Harvest Jam All Ages contest was going on. That's Alejandro Burnell with a Barley Grind. More photos from that coming later today.
Ashlin giving the Freebie Wheel a spin. She hung out all day giving away rad little prizes. Thanks Ashlin!
The Bricks Squad was out here too, cooking up awesome food and showing love for Matt Woods.
The Soft Hoagie Rolls & Hobby crew came out to sell some of their amazing products for a good cause.
It was still pretty damn hot, even for October, so some of the guys had to escape to the Snack Bar to cool down and watch videos.
Bruno Robles and Vivan Fisk were some volunteers here helping kids add some flavor to their grip with some stencils and a few shots of spray paint.
Brian's new ink.
Brian sees his future...and it's wet.
Lining up a shot...
The kids line up for a chance to dunk Brian.
Alex Johnson took aim too.
It's all for a good cause. Thanks to Atomic Tattoo and Boards 4 Bros for getting the Dunk Tank.
James from Atomic Tattoos about to hit his target.
Snakemaster Pete getting rowed up by the crew at Mr. Fades.
Pete ready for his turn.
We had to refill the tank after he got dunked.
Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported...see you at Tampa Am in November!

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