An Interview With Chris Cole and Dan Murphy Article at Skatepark of Tampa

An Interview With Chris Cole and Dan Murphy

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 by M.Sinclair

Click to view Chris Cole's Rider Profile which includes photos and video footage.
Chris Cole Interview
by Mike Sinclair, Fallen Team Manager

What's new at Fallen?
Chris: Working on designs, clothes, shoes, extras. Things around here are great.

What are the most played songs in you Ipod?
Chris: I don't wanna say what I listen to cause it will be played out. But, I just got a new one cause my old one was f--ked up. I didn't get the iPod Photo though 'cause that is idiotic. Someone steals your iPod or you loose it and there are pictures of you and your girl, your friends, family. F--k that.

What was the last thing you bought off Ebay?
Chris: A pair of jeans that were discontinued by a store and I am getting a back stock while I wait on my Fallen jeans to come in. I also bought an Alexi Laiho esp rv 350al guitar. It is black and yellow from Japan. So ruling.

Where can kids find the Hotwax video?
Chris: Local shop, or mailorder. You can email one of the guys about purchase if you can't find it any other way.
Note from Rob Meronek: Fool, get it right here: Hotwax DVD.

Who all is in the Hotwax video?
Chris: Dan Hornung, Ryan Beck, Jay Fahnestock, Pat Palodor, Bill Sands, Timo(team-o), Ian Berry, Matt Ashby, me.

How much time do you have left to film for the Zero "New Blood" video?
Chris: Two or three weeks. That question gave me heart problems.

What would you rather be doing right now instead of answering these questions?
Chris: Absolutely anything that is more fun than this. Shopping for guitars.

Click to view Dan Murphy's Rider Profile.
Dan Murphy Interview
by Mike Sinclair, Fallen Team Manager

What's new with Dan Murphy?
Dan: My face. Eyesight...both eyes...still got crazy flashes in my right eye where the accident occurred, but can see...

How many cups of Starbucks do you drink a day?
Dan: Good mocha, one machiato, one latte, and one chai...more on rainy dayz...I think I'm shrinking.

Where was the last place you skated?
Dan: Zero/Mystery Park...daily with the Black Box squad.

Did your eye heal 100% after you got a stick jammed in it?
Dan: Well I found it with my cell phone light...put it back in therr. Like I said, got my sight back in a few weeks, but I get crazy lightning flashes on one side of my eye...guess it could be a result of the coffee intoxication...nah.

What Nike's are you wearing right now?
Dan: T19's. Named after some skate shop in Japan or something. Dunk high em'. All blue...blinding blue...

What do you like most about going to Tampa?
Dan: Schaefer...good guy. Funny too. Watchin' Sinclair whoop some ass on the grown man minny ramp tip. Oh yah, the beer is good too, but dangerous. Might lose an eye.

What was the best thing that happed at Tampa this year?
Dan: My little mocha java girlfriend flew out from norf cacks...damn she tastes good.


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