2018 Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2018 Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 by Clint

The 2018 Old Man Bowl Jam went down a few weekends ago and our video coverage is available now. All of our local and out of town favorite old folks showed up and threw down hours of sweat filled runs. We even had our first ripping woman enter the contest. "You don't quit skating because you get old. You get old because you quit skating" - R.I.P. Jay Adams

Video by: Justin Santiago
Photos by: Josh Bowser
Age doesn't matter in skateboarding. Even though Levi isn't smiling, I promise you these guys are good friends.
Just a bunch of old stoners cleaning out their bowl...
Levi cruises through a Frontside Grind
John May changes it up with a Front Salad
Spike : Layback Front Rock
Brian took his runs with a smile on his face the whole time. Beanplant over the Hip
Kyle wanted to make sure we had a clear winner for the "Longest Grind/Slide" contest, so he brought this measuring wheel.
Willie Stansell : Blasted Stalefish over the Hip
Jimmy Dennis is a ruler! He's brings up the energy to 1000% at any of our events. Thanks for everything you do Jimmy! Frontside Grind
Mike Rogers told me the proper name for this trick but I already forgot what its called. So let's just call it a Smith Stall for now.
Spike can cruise the Bowl equally well Regular or Goofy; it's amazing to watch. Switch Frontside Grind
He brings the good energy also! Thanks for being you Spike!
Holly Ryan is the first girl to enter the OMBJ, so we will probably have to change the name next year. 50-50
Willy and Spike feeling the energy!
Levi : Knee Knocker Smith Grind
Mike Rogers : Front Rock
Anthony Furlong : Blunt Fakie
Ray and Furlong both knew the key to Victory; Front Blunts
Key to Victory; Front Blunts
Levi is gonna take this FS 50-50 another 20 feet before he cruises back in...
John battled this Alley Oop Air over the hip for a little bit, but came out victorious. The crowd was hyped for sure
John Whiteman took home the Trophy for Best Trick on the Indy Wall.
Jimmy the Greek hoisting his prize for the "Longest Slide" of the night. That trophy didn't survive very long.
No Kneepads Ever!
Michael Wiegner wins the "Best Foot Jam" award. Makes sense since he couldn't use his hand...
Furlong took home the "Best Slam" Award
Willie Stansell probably had more fun than anyone else this year. Oh yea, he ripped hard enough to take 2nd in the 40-49 Division too.
Kyle Randall helped organized and host the Old Man Bowl Jam this year, so the least that we could do was give him a little trophy and say "Thanks for Showing Up!"
Victor Ulmer : 2nd Place Winner and owner of the loudest voice in Tampa. You rule Victor!
Mike Rogers showed those old guys how it's done and ended up winning 1st Place in the 50+ Division. Congratulations Mike!
Ray G! You are the Champ! 1st Place in 40-49 Division. Ray has an insane bag of tricks and the best attitude to boot.
Best attitude to boot.
John also took 3rd in the 30-39 Division. You killed it John!
Levi Combs barely tried and he still killed the competition. Yea Levi! 2nd Place 30-39 Division
Furlong takes 1st Place in 30-39 for the second year in a row. Better start acting like you care Levi.
Old men?? I don't see anything but a bunch of grown up kids! Thanks to all of you for keeping the stoke alive and for pouring your hearts into this year's Old Man Bowl Jam!


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