Tampa Pro 2018 Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2018 Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, March 5, 2018 by Chris

That's a wrap for Tampa Pro 2018...as always, thanks to every single person that came out and showed support, helped pick up trash, bought stuff in the shop, sponsored the contest and skated like a beast. You guys make us what we are. Now here's some really sick images of Finals. If you share these on your social feed, make sure to give some love to @bartjones because he rules and takes great skate photos.
Pact House!
You might not be able to tell due to the keen razor focus of our photographer but Milton Martinez is Front Feeble Grinding at about 60mph right here.
Red & Black Attack! Alex Midler.
Osky slaps a Front Grind into Lipslide.
The only Glock we want kids playin’ with here.
Look at the body language of that bearded mans feet, he’s scared of a child.
This is just how Curren turns around but very stylish nevertheless.
Felipe Gustavo Fakie Nosegrinds in what looks to be workout gear.
Frank Branca does a little daddy day care between filming lines.
A is for Axel and A-Frame.
First pro contest, first pro finals, Midler takes it all in stride with a Fs Nosegrind around the corner.
Last years prevailer, Louie Lopez Gaps to fs Noseblunt Slide.
When you go as hard as Louie, you need the mini-jackjhammer to keep those muscles from seizing up.
Oh mann can Jagger Eaton pack a lot into a run, here’s a glimpse of it with a bs 180 Nosegrind.
Crazy trick to have on lock, Yuto Horigome; Switch Back 180 to Nosegrind.
I guess that big metal A could stand for Alex too. Alex Midler doing a gap to bs Noseblunt Slide that is.
After all we from Jupiter baby!!
Yuto doesn’t even have an A in his name but skates the A-frame anyway.. rebel.
Okay ok Axel we get it! you’re the king of the A-Frame with this Boardslide up and over.
Kelvin Hoefler believes he can fly, believes he can touch the sky, just spread his wings and Bs Five-Oh away!
Part time SPoT announcer, full time insane ripper Manny Santiago Guides a varial Heel into a Crook.
Louie feels the effects of muscle-jackhammer and turns it up to 11 with a FS 180 Switch Feeble.
TJ Rogers requested some coliseum jams and got the crowd goin’ with this Nollie Backside Flip.
TJ was having a good time out there.
You just can’t get a Red Dragon down, Ryan Decenzo stays up with a FS Flip over the A.
The Felipe drinking game, take a shot for each stripe has on, Nollie Flip Nose.
First but not least of the miscellaneous awards.. 25 YEARS BABY!!!!
Manny got the Bromander-In-Chief award for representing Boards For Bros.
Mason Silva’s got 5 on it and the Mob G For Effort Award.
Milton goes Joker parade in Batman and stirs up some craziness throwin out his Bronson Speed Killer award money.
Kelly Hart is a great skateboarder and talk show host, but for the last two years in a row the guy cannot seem to get a bottle of Champagne open.
The winner in all his glory, mid Kickflip Backside Noseblunt with the quickness.
Your Top 3!
Congrats Jagger!!!! until next time!!


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