Photos From 2018 SPoT Summer Skate Camp Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From 2018 SPoT Summer Skate Camp

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2018 by Chris

If you want to know what SPoT Skate Camp is all about, take a look at some photos our friend Brooke snapped during last week's Summer Session. These kids are learning how to and about the history of skateboarding and getting better every day. You can sign up for a whole week or just one day. Check out everything you need to know on the Camp Page and get signed up for the best Summer ever.

Photos: Brooke Gaias
Words: Chris Preston
Wanna rep your favorite city AND skatepark in the same graphic? Can't go wrong... SPoT Completes and Decks.
Now those are some proper skate shoes.
Most of these kids are dropping in for the first time, which is the go-to goal once they get comfortable on a board.
Tim Gasiorski is the newest member of our SPoT team and head Camp Instructor. He rips too, so when he's teaching it's a good idea to listen.
Most kids start out dropping in on the smaller stuff and get their confidence. Then they move it up to the bigger transitions...
...and when it sticks, there's no better feeling.
The next most common startup trick is the Rock to Fakie. You'll see these going on a lot at Camp. It's a great way to get comfortable skating transition.
Some people just aren't camera shy.
Early grabs are great for learning airs...these kids have some pretty good ones.
Treflip or take a poop? Either way, looks like your friend's about to get kicked in the grill.


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