Deathwish Skateboards Invades SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Deathwish Skateboards Invades SPoT

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 by Chris

On Wednesday, September 26 Jamie Foy, Lizard King, Christian Henry, Pedro Delfino, Taylor Kirby, Neen, Jake Hayes, Jon Dickson, Beagle, Eric Valdez and Jeff Lenoce tore through SPoT in true Deathwish style. When the smoke cleared, they were nice enough to sign autographs and give out free stuff to the fans. Thanks to those dudes for making us a stop on your 2018 tour...check out the highlights.

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
Neen warming up the Tall Rail with a Front Crook.
Taylor Kirby effortlessly ollies from the hip over the rail.
Pedro Delfino was blasting airs so high I couldn’t keep him in my lens. Huge Frontside Air
Neen : Heelflip Front Board
Tim poses with the legend of the lens, Beagle.
Classic Lizard King Kickflip.
Jamie Foy - no hands Nosepick.
Pedro Eggplants while James Cobb watches from the corner of the frame.
Neen : Varial heel
Neen shutdown the Demo with this Heelflip Back Lip.
Post demo pose with the Head Honcho.
Lizard King is a champ... he signed a few early autographs for those that just can’t wait in line.
The line for autographs went out the door all the way through the Courtyard. Thanks to everyone for being patient!
Taylor Kirby signs one of those awesome “Greetings from Deathwish” decks.
Michelle was more than happy to wait though, and she got herself a poster & deck signed by the whole crew for the Boards for Bros office.
Even Jeff Lenoce was signing autographs!
Alex blasting with the promo Deathwish squirt guns…Alec looks a little concerned.
Class Act Jake Hayes giving the homie a pound.
This lovely couple were both hyped to meet the Deathwish squad.
Jeff Lenoce poses with the Crusty Mayo Crew.
Sly got his camera signed by Beagle. “Sorry its not a VX dude.”
The backbone of this tour, Head of Sales Jeff Lenoce & Team Manager Jay Thorpe. I’m sure those job titles don’t describe even half of the stuff these two do to make tours like this possible. Thank you guys!


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