Harvest Jam 2018 All Ages Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2018 All Ages Contest Coverage

Posted on Friday, October 19, 2018 by Chris

The last All Ages contest of the year is always the biggest, as we pay tribute to all you guys and girls that come out and help us kill it for the year. Jake Yanko is going bigger, Nash Barfield is skating like a boss, we had one of the best Girls Division turnouts ever, and our second 30+ division left everyone wanting more. Check out some highlights from the day.

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
A lot has changed in the past year at SPoT. One new sight is Jake Yanko flying around the course without his usual helmet. He might be blasting even higher than normal on this Alley Oop Tweaker…Crossbone? I really need to learn trick names…
The Bricks was serving up food as usual, and I was so hungry that I stole someones Veggie burger as soon as I had a break.
Think it might have been this guy's…Either way we both enjoyed them.
Our new Key Game seems to be a hit. You can win a deck for a dollar out of this thing!
The crew at Ultra Slappy Wax was here making sure we weren’t sticking on any of our grinds. Thanks guys!
Michelle was heading up the Boards for Bros tent as usual.
Blaze Helgerson took home 1st Place in his Division by skating the course like a grown man, grinding every rail out there. Back 50-50 with a little grab in the middle.
Dillon Brown : High speed Lipslide
Zay : Stalefish
Tristan Andras : Front Blunt
Joe Moulton : 5-0 on his way to 1st in 16+ Up
Dillon Brown : 360 Flip
Time to break for some Awards
8+ Under Division Winners (L to R): Hunter Bushouse (5th), Clayton Fiore (2nd), Jonny Rips (1st), Jett Lambert (4th), Legend Lopez (3rd).
Noah Pollard took home 1st in 9-12, making him the 9-12 Overall Winner for the year. Congratulations Noah!
Our Girls Division Winners (L to R): Arianna Der (2nd), Courtney Block (3rd), Jamie Kutcher (1st), Shiloh Thornton (4th).
Courtney Block took three awards: 1st Place in the Ladies Division, 1st Place Lady Overall & the Girl Power Award, for her non-stop support of SPoT. Thank you Courtney!
9-12 Division Winners (L to R): Gabriel Minnow Vigliotti (5th), Nash Barfield (3rd), Noah Pollard (1st), Zion Effs (2nd), Hunter George (4th).
13-15 Division Winners (L to R): Billy Liphardt (5th), Cole Todd (2nd), Blaze Helgerson (1st), Sam Bryant (3rd), Alex Loftus (4th).
Jonny & Jeremy Rips definitely earned their Homer & Bart Award. You guys rule!
Nash Barfield won Most Improved, which makes sense from watching him learn to destroy the biggest Quarter Pipes like a grown man.
Moms of the Year! Rachel Barfield & Kelly Lambert
The Mad About Skateboarding Crew makes it to literally every contest. So it goes without saying that they get the Tribe Award.
Wes and Kris, The Shark & The Panda..
Tim Geiger took home the Always Injured Award for, you know, always being hurt.
His most recent injury, an f-ed up thumb. Get better soon Tim!
Our new Maintenance Champ, Jacob Luther!
Big Tim G giving out tons of energy for the SPoT Life episode, filmed by Tristan Mershon. Let’s get back to the contest!
Is this a double skate photo? Liam Brocks Front Crooks while the little homie tries to dip a Smith grind
Wes Box : Noseblunt
Matt Savidakis : FS 270 Lipslide
Jordi Zapata : BS 5-0
Malique Simpson : Gap Noseblunt
Tyler Wolford : Front Blunt
Tyler Wolford : Cab Back Lip
Landon Swan : Gap Front Feeble
Jake Yanko : Backside Yanker
Big Wes Texas Plant
The 30+ Up Winners (L to R): Anddy Entrena (2nd), Billy Nelson (1st), Michael Wiegner (3rd), Corey Gonzalez (5th), Jimmy Dennis (4th-not pictured). We should do a 30+ Division every contest.
The Ultra Slappy Team got the Just for Showing Up Award.
As did Jimmy the Greek.
Jake Yanko's pops, Ed also took home a JFSU just because he's a rad dad.
The 16-29 Division Top 5 (L to R): Brandon McLaurin (5th), Eduardo Padron (3rd), Joe Moulton (1st), Elijah Allred (2nd), Austin McCahan (4th).
Joe Moulton takes home 1st in 16+ and takes 1st Overall in that Division as well. Congrats bud!
Sponsored Division Winners (L to R): Tyler Wolford (3rd), Jake Yanko (1st), Wesley Box (2nd), Keenan Lewis (4th), Matt Savidakis (5th-not pictured). Thanks to everyone that came out for this rad event and huge thanks to Primitive Skateboards for hooking up the prizes a product toss. See y'all at Tampa Am...


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