Taking Video Notes: The Filmbot Files Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Taking Video Notes: The Filmbot Files

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2005 by Rob

Michael Stanfield Presents: The Filbot Files
Words by Rob Meronek

I just finished watching The Filmbot Files DVD. Below are some random sketchy notes I took.

Marty Murawski opens it up with some damn good classic rock for his part. He’s skated Tampa Am for the past couple of years and put together a pretty good part. I like the nose bonk he threw in. That’s a good one to bring back along with no complys that have already resurfaced. Much of Marty’s part is at those Barcelona spots you’re so used to seeing.

Branen Fitzgerald has three or four tricks in there. Branen rips. Back when we were at Wallenberg, he almost backside flipped it, but time ran out.

SPoT team rider Abdias Rivera got a trick in there, too – inward heel down some dirt gap.

All the Hellrose guys have footage in there, including Lizard King, who’s always entertaining to watch. Darkstar’s riders got a montage section in there, too – Chris Dobstaff, Paul Mchnau, Gailea Momolu, and more. Footage of Chris Dobstaff’s back heel down that triple is in there.

Can’t get enough Greg Lutzka – he’s got like ten tricks in there.

I really liked Robert Lim’s part. He used to skate the Damn Am contests, too. I haven’t seen him skate in a couple years, but he definitely got super good. He switch flips this gigantic six set and is rightfully hyped after. I would have a damn party after that one. He used a good tune from the 80’s by the Bangles, too.

Another ripping oriental closes out the video – Jason Wakuzawa. Kickflip front cooks on an up-ledge, switch flip front crooks, big switch tre bombs – this guy is super good, plus he used a damn good tune by the Rolling Stones for his part. Jason had missed the cut to the Semi-Finals by just a few spots in Tampa Am 2005.

I didn’t see any Paul Rodriguez footage in there even though he’s on the “also featuring” list on the back cover. I must have blinked and missed it.

The extras include footage from Spain, France, Korea, Sweden, and Denmark.

This video is worth $20. Get it at your local shop or if they suck, we’ll get it to you super fast by mail order: The Filmbot Files DVD



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