25th Annual Tampa Pro Party / Converse Concrete Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

25th Annual Tampa Pro Party / Converse Concrete Jam

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 by Chris

This has become an annual tradition at Tampa Am & Pro, after Converse helped us build an epic outdoor concrete course back in 2014. Since then, we've witnessed some of the gnarliest tricks and slams in SPoT history and it's only going to get better. Check out some coverage of last year's Concrete Jam and stay tuned for more details and surprises as we add them here.


  • SPoT Pro Party / Converse Concrete Jam
    • INVITATIONAL JAM: 12 Invites / 30-minute ordered jam
      • $8,500 Purse
        • 1st: $3000
        • 2nd: $2000
        • 3rd: $1000
        • 4th: $750
        • 5th: $500
        • 6th - 10th: $250
    • 10 minute warmup
    • FREE FOR ALL JAM: Open to Everyone / 30 minute open jam
      • $4500 Purse
        • $2500 Winner Take All
        • $1000 Cash for Tricks
        • $1000 Best Trick
      • Located at SPoT - 4215 E. Columbus Dr. / Tampa, FL
      • $10 admission (for all non-Tampa Pro ticket holders)
      • 6:00PM - Open Bar
      • 7:30PM - Concrete Jam

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We know you're on social media as much as we are, so here's an image you can use to help hype up the contest. We'll have photo and video coverage @SPoTTampa. Tag #TampaPro #Converse and #SPoTTampa on Insta and Twitter and we'll have a crazy collection of characters from the weekend.

Last Year's Coverage

Click here to see photos


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