Photos from the Mini Ramp Jam / Boards for Bros Fundraiser At Coppertail Brewing Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos from the Mini Ramp Jam / Boards for Bros Fundraiser At Coppertail Brewing

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 by Chris

We linked up with our homies at Coppertail Brewing for the 2nd year in a row to help raise money for Boards for Bros. Once again, we loaded up the portable SPoT Mini Ramp and assembled it in Coppertail's parking lot. The beer was flowing and so was the session...overall, it was a great night and we raised a lot of money. Were you there? Check out some photos and let us know.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Here we are, all setup and ready to rip at Coppertail for our 2nd Annual 90’s Ramp Jam and Boards for Bros Fundraiser.
Before long the upper deck will be filled with folks watching skating and chugging beers…
Tampa Timmy testing the waters before the sun goes down.
Jacob Krajewski cruises through a Smith Grind with no regard for my poorly placed flash.
Alex Hunter flying into the Darkness.
Jacob : 5-0 to Fakie.
Timmy : Stalefish
Alex Hunter : The classic Good Buddy
Keenan takes it all the way to fakie with this Alley Oop 360.
Emcee Tim and his lovely wife Eva.
Cheers to the squad: Josh Wilson, Chase Espinoza & Jacob Copher
Yonis Molina & Shelby Meyer : Slante’ boys!
Josh Teaff : Back Lip
Keenan : Bigspin
Sam Bellipanni : Switch Frontside Flip . WOW
George Goldberg came thru for a brew. One dollar from every beer went straight to Boards for Bros so we were getting tipsy for a good cause.
He took over on the mic for a few minutes too.
Alex Hunter : Frontside Air
Alex handled a few lines even after he broke his board.
Wes throws a FS Air.
Wes : Lien Air
Wes was destroying the Ramp, until the Ramp destroyed his elbow. Don’t worry the medics popped it back into place and he’s fine.
Mace with the Big Texas Plant on the Tiny Plastic Cruiser.
Cody Smith : Extended No Comply. So sick Cody!
Willie and Alex Doubles routine.
Tim Geiger is the bridge between SPoT and Coppertail, having worked at SPoT in the past and currently working at the Brewery. He also has great taste in trousers.
I asked Tim if he would be down to give me a quick tour of the Brewery…This smile was the only answer I needed.
“Okay, so these tanks hold a bunch of…”
“Okay, so these tanks hold a bunch of…”
“This is where we can all of our beers…”
“Don’t put your arm in here or you might not get it back.”
That’s a lot of beer…Thanks again to Coppertail for having us!


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