Tristan Mershon's Silo Video Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tristan Mershon's Silo Video

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2019 by Chris

Last summer after Tampa filmer Tristan Mershon finished up his latest full-length “Veer” he decided to move back home with his parents in an effort to save money & move to New York City. Every now and then he would get a little stir crazy and go on late night missions in Downtown Tampa with a few homies. “After Veer, my friends started to graduate and get 9-5 jobs while I on the other hand continued to work at SPoT, mainly working weekend nights. Most of the time it would just be Wesley and I skating, going downtown on weeknights, when it's practically a ghost town.”
Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos and words: Josh Bowser
Sam Bellipanni : Back 180 Nosegrind
Steve Spence : Ollie
Jacob Copher : Back 5-0
Wes Box & Tristan filming in NYC

Skating for Wes in that period of time wasn’t very easy, “All of the footage he filmed for ‘Silo’ he was carrying kidney stones. He has some problem with his kidneys where he gets kidney stones all the time. He's literally had them since last June. Sometimes we'll be on a session and he'll just get all quiet and in pain and will just have to leave the session.” But that didn’t slow Wes down, as he probably has the most new footage out of anyone in the video.
Eric McKenney : Back Tail
Rolo Carrillo : Switch FS Bigspin
Wes Box : Ollie into the Bank
Shelby Meyer : Crook

While most of the footage was stacked during those late nights in Downtown, a good chunk of stuff was filmed during on a trip to Boston & New York last September. The rest of the footage comes from Tristan’s last month of living in Tampa where, “everybody in the crew made a point to try and get a clip, even if we only were able to catch a session or two together.”
Kris Clayton : Front Feeble
Wes Box : Front Shuv

As the project came to a close and Tristan started packing his bags for his move to New York, all that was needed was a name for the video. “Names are honestly always the hardest part in my opinion, but I knew I wanted it to be short, sweet, and something that was reflective of Tampa. The Sykes building in Downtown is easily the most distinguishable building in Tampa because of the fact that it's just a straight up cylinder, so 'Silo' is just a representation of that building.”  Watch ’Silo’ Tristan’s ode to his hometown, Tampa right now and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for his future projects.
Good luck in New York Tristan, Tampa will miss you.


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