School's Out Jam All Ages Contest 2019 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam All Ages Contest 2019

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by Chris

Our second all ages contest of the year was also one of the hottest. Luckily we got a break with some rain, but either way it didn't stop these rippers from shutting it down. The girls division is also steadily growing in numbers with each one, which is great to see. Thanks to all the parents who took the time to sign their kids up and come support them and us - we love to see them get better with every contest.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Video: Justin Santiago
Blaze and his mom are ready for the contest, they even brought their own camp site this year.
Lots of kids in 8 & Under means lots of helmets.
Both the weather and competition were hot, so the judges needed twice as much water as usual this year.
Ari Landis - Fireworks down the Four Block.
Joel & Woody putting together completes for Boards for Bros.
The Bracamonte Family was kind enough to match any cash donated to Boards for Bros up to $250! Very generous of you guys thank you!
Diego Castellano : Melon Grab
Liam Brocks : Kickflip Boardslide
Carlos Puigdollers : Back Lip
Jose Vega : Front Lip
Violet Boulter : BS Early Grab
Jamie Kutcher : Blunt Nose Grab
Violet Boulter : Axle Stall
Shiloh Thornton : Blunt Nose Grab
Arianna & Lias out here showing support for the ladies
Cub quenching his thirst with a cold After Sesh & Justin Santiago trying to fill his belly before going pack into the park to film some clips.
Landon Swan : FS Noseblunt
Sometimes you gotta use that height advantage during the product toss…
The Bracamonte Family received a special prize from Boards for Bros for all their support during events. We are sad to hear that they will be moving away from Florida very soon…We will miss you!
8 & Under Winners. Results here.
9-12 Winners. Results here.
Girls Division Winners. Results here.
13-15 Division Winners. Results here.
Girl Power! Thanks to all of the ladies that entered the contest today!
Cris Lesh : Front Crunt
Freedom Charles : Kickflip the Hip
Freedom Charles : Wallie 50-50
Josh Vicente : Crook
Jose Vega : Front Feeble
Noah Nagaro : Back Smith
Noah Nagaro : Kickflip Back Lip
Cody Smith : Finger Flip
Sly Sullivan : Front Crook
John Donnell : Front Feeble
Jordi Zapata Front Crooks in heavy Traffic
Austin Butler : 360 Flip
Matt Savidakis : BS 5-0
Noah Pollard : Back 180 Nosegrind a Round Rail…Wow
Jake Yanko : Ollie One Foot over the Rail
16-29 Division Winners. Results.
Even though Alejandro lives in California now, Pilar still makes it to every contest so, of course, she gets a “Thanks for Showing Up” Award.
“Thanks for Showing Up” Austin! Even though you live here, so we don’t know where else you would’ve been…
Tim really wanted a photo with his favorite skater, Matt Savidakis.
Sponsored Division Winners. Results.
Congratulations on taking home 1st Place in Sponsored Division and winning that awesome Fender Mustang guitar!


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