10th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

10th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 by Chris

The gloves were off but the pads stayed on at our 10th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam. Once again, the evening was filled with plenty of frontside grinds, dad jeans and faded beards, but these guys proved they can still rip. Even Kevin Coss came out of "retirement", took home an award and a busted knee.

Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Josh Bowser
It was a fully packed Ramp for our 10th annual Old Man Bowl Jam! Lots of good homies were in the building. Humble hosts Tim Gasiorski & Kyle Randall about to get this thing started!
81Bay brewery was in the Courtyard serving up FREE liquid courage all night. Thanks guys!
Homies everywhere you look…
Jimmy Dennis is a regular at these things…Frontside Grind.
Abdias Rivera even pulled up to take a few runs…
Abdias Rivera : Front Smith
Sam getting the Judges all set up before Go Time.
John Whitman and his D3’s go over the Hip to Grind
Defending 30-39 Champ Jacob Krajewski came to defend his title.
Ben Grissom : Frontside Grind
James Boswell with a nice Frontside Floater
Mike Peterson flying while Sam measures his height.
Jason Freeborn : 80’s style Frontside over the Hip
Steven Rosa showcasing classic Bug Style
Elvin Ramos was killing the Hip all night. Finger flip to Tail.
Bobby Curnutte stomps a Frontside Wall Jam
Jacob Krajewski : Texas on the Wall
Brian Adams flying Frontside through the Corner
Ben Pedigo : Kickflip BS Disaster
Mike Peterson holding this Noseblunt slide for a while
Mike Peterson with a Tall BS Boneless to secure his Victory
Product Toss Time! Even the older kids love ‘em
Some interesting prizes this year, including a nice Banana board and these rad Skate Racks
Roberto takes home First Place in 50+ by being the only guy with enough balls to skate that Age Group. He also took home Oldest Old Man
Spike rapping his Just for Showing Up Prize.
John Whitman takes home Best Trick on the Big Wall
Brian with his new protective gear, much needed after taking the Hardest Slam
Kevin Coss takes home Longest Grind
Ben Pedigo takes the prize for Best Trick Overall
Congratulations to Mike Peterson for taking Home First in the 40-49 Division...and we out until next year!


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