Old Man Bowl Jam 2021 Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Bowl Jam 2021 Contest Coverage

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2021 by Clint

The Old Man Bowl Jam is usually held in February but we managed to get the 11th annual OMBJ done one the fourth of June this year. It felt good to get a bunch of our locals together and have a party in the bowl.

Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Matt Shail
The rain started heavy right at the beginning of registration.
The rain threatened for a good hour but spared the bowl.
Peter Kryger tests the bowl for slips.
This Peter blunt fakie gets the nod to start the contest.
Brandon White bunt nosegrab fakie.
Rey Davila Invert Transfer on an 90's setup.
Mike Rogers with the Front rock.
Tuck that knee Daniel!.
Rey with a backside air.
Back hand between the legs equals Roast Beef! Floating Rost Beef!.
Peter keeping the stoke going with an invert.
Steven Rosa Front mute.
Brian Schaefer announcing.
Ben with the Front 5-0.
Full house excited to be back in contest mode!
Peterson from the Block with a backside boneless off the top.
Jimmy Marcus with the Greek Miller flip.
Mike smokin' backside 5-0's at full speed.
Topless Bosses - So hot.
Jacob with a front 5-0.
Jacob with a front Smith.
Last year's 30-39 winner with the Crailslide.
Handy Big Heel.
Jacob Back 5-0 fakie.
Thanks to Kyle and his crew for helping to bring this event year after year.
The D3's on John's feet are the reason - Don't doubt it!.
Timmy always makes it here and Timmy ALWAYS rips!
Mike Rogers 3rd Place 50 and up.
Tim Mott wins 50 and up. Yeah Tim!
Rey takes 3rd place after ripping for the 40-49 group.
The Greek takes 2nd place.
Mike Peterson goes hard and takes the win.
Bobby took third this year in the 30-39 group.
Brandon White will be on the podium twice this weekend and will repeat that the week after. Winner of the weekend for sure!
Jacob takes the win in 30-39.
Steven Rosa with Skate Racks.
Brandon White wins the Best Trick award from Skate Racks.


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