Go Skateboarding Day 2021 Presented by Red Bull Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day 2021 Presented by Red Bull

Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2021 by Sam

Go Skateboarding Day is everyday but this year Red Bull, SPoT and Westside Skateshop teamed up to celebrate. We barged the Bro Bowl for a cash for tricks contest and a long ollie contest. Then headed SPoT for free food and even more cash for tricks. Everyone wanted a piece of the $1,000 cash purse but only the hammers got paid, check out the coverage below!
Kicking off Go Skate Day 2021 here at Bro Bowl. Thanks Red Bull for sending out the MXT Sound Truck to keep the jams pumping all day long!
Jason Malley behind the lens getting ready to the cash for tricks on the bump to barrier.
Tyler Radford steezy ollie report. Tyler was the first skater here and the last one to leave.
SPoT team rider Marse Farmer warming up with a frontside flip over the ramps.
Atom warming up with an Ollie North over the first cash for tricks obstacle.
Tyler Radford stomps a Backside Flip over the barrier.
After Tim finished up with Skate Camp he met us at the Bro Bowl to help announce and give out cash, but not before doing this Front Blunt.
And here are your bank tellers for the day. When a skater lands a cash-worthy trick, they know to visit Sam Bellipanni or Tim Gasiorski to get paid.
Our fearless leader, Brian Schaefer, with the classic thumbs up.
Sam flaunting some of the cash purse that was kindly provided by Red Bull and Westside Skateshop.
Marse with a very proper Fronstide Flip. The other lakeland legend, Andrew Reynolds, would be proud.
Some people might claim that there is favoritism between Tim and the SPoT Team but that is false. Tim just pays Marse for the tricks he lands, it's that simple.
Westside Skateshop riders were getting paid to. Mikey Premet Frontside 360's some cash right into his pocket.
We closed our shipping and receiving department early on Go Skate Day so our boy Peter Kryger could get in on the cash for tricks. Fat Impossible over the barrier.
SPoT local Myles Booker does a Kickflip over the barrier in the "Dough Buccaneers" tee. He gets $3 for landing an ABD.
Apparently, Mikey is buying drinks tonight.
It's time to mix it up and turn the barrier. Jack Wahl lands a Frontside Tailslide for Westside Skateshop.
Peter does a Frontside Bluntslide for some cash.
And then Marse backs Peter up with a Kickflip Front Nosegrind. Wow!
Flipping into grinds will get you paid. Marse is stacking bread fast.
Speaking of flipping in, Mikey shuts down the cash for tricks with a Kickflip Back Lip. Now it's time to get ready for the long ollie contest.
The crowd getting ready for the long ollie contest. It felt extra hot out on Go Skate Day, hope you remembered your sunscreen!
We started the gap at 10 feet and Peter does a Boneless with ease.
With every round, the gap gets bigger. Peter hit a Tuck Knee at 13 feet.
Here is the contest winning ollie at 16 feet! Mikey is the MVP of Bro Bowl.
Thanks everyone for coming out to Bro Bowl. Now we're heading to SPoT for free skating, free food and more cash for tricks. Thanks Red Bull!
We start the first cash for tricks contest down the hubbas. It crowded on top off the quarterpipe but Marse drops in and gets this Fakie Flip Tailslide.
Then, the next obstacle is the double kinked rail. Kris does this Back 5-0 amongst several other hammers.
Mikey krooks the whole rail with ease.
Tyler takes advantage of the free BBQ. Glizzy ride over the door first try.
Peter was doing some of the most impressive tricks all day. This one was crazy. Gap over the rail to Back Lip on the ledge. Watch out for Tyler!
We ended Go Skate Day at the Bricks with some drinks and a premiere of the new Westside Skateshop video "HEATSTROKE" by Ryan Hodgdon.
Also a Pop up photo show by Josh Bowser. Man, what a great day. HUGE shout out to Red Bull and Westside Skateshop for making this possible! Thanks everyone we will see you next year!


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