Tommy Sandoval's Limo Service Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tommy Sandoval's Limo Service

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2005 by Rob

Hessian pimpin'
That's Mike Sinclair, Fallen Team Manager. Shouldn't he be the one driving?
Something tells me those seat belts will be needed with the way this thing is going to be driven
Your ride is ready, sir
How long do you think the glasses are going to last before being completely trashed?
Tommy Sandoval's Limo Service
Words by Rob Meronek, Photos by Mike Sinclair

Tommy Sandoval went to the DC Shoes Skate Plaza Hammers vs. Bangers Contest back in June and came up on some cash. He used his winnings to get this 1992 limo. If you need a pimpin' ride to your local 20 stair, call Tommy Sandoval's Limo Service.


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