Tampa Pro 2021 Semifinals & Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2021 Semifinals & Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 by Stephen

That’s a wrap! We’ll see everyone next year! In the meantime, enjoy some shots from the Semifinals and Finals of this year’s Tampa Pro.

Photos by Bart Jones.

Greeted by some cool dudes.. Brian Anderson & Paul Garr.
Felipe Gustavo gets the semi-finals poppin’ with a Nollie Flip Crooks.
First Tampa Pro and already in the semis! Gabriel Fortunato, Nollie Backlip.
Contest Conglomerate, Jack Olson, Barleys up a metals scrappers dream.
Ryan Decenzo has rifled off a few FS Flips in his time.. Here’s one of em’
Sooo hyped to see Pamela Rosa in the Semis!!
Some people come here just to get a proper haircut.
Even after being an Olympian, Axel Crusher is still down for us lil’ guys.
Dress to sweat less, Zion Wright knows the code.
David Reyes on a vengeance! Tre Lip.
Heelflip Master Kairi Netsuke, fittingly Heelflips into a Front Crook.
Jake Ilardi gets in there with a Gap Backtail.
Mike Rogers from Grind For Life gettin’ hyped for the Finals!
Ryan Decenzo gets Finals goin’ w/ a Switch 180 Nosegrind.
Jake Ilardi is a natural born entertainer, he gets the crowd goin’ with a Big Flip Front Board After the buzzer.
That bar probably has about 87 candles worth of wax on it, Jack Olson takes advantage with a S/S Front Bluntslide.
That dude in the corner is probably explaining to his gf that Axel is a Crusher.
When you want to go to Tampa Pro but also want the comfort of watching on TV at home.
Kairi with the Heelflips again .. this time into a Front Feeble.
Felipe didn’t make the finals but this Gap Back Overcrook is mind bending!
Felipe back at it again with a Frontside Flip you could use as a level!
Kris & Kareem kicking it.
Golden Ticket winner with a straight shot to the finals, Lucas Rabelo.
Decenzo finished 12th and was Kickflip Gap Lippin’ just to give you an idea of the level of skating that was going on!
This is not an advertisement for Pineapple Chile Kombucha with Florida legend, Jeff Lenoce; but that stuff's bomb!
Number one Golden Ticket winner, Kelvin Hoefler gets back on his BS a with a Kicky Frontblunt.
Kairi had a hell of a run!
“Sooo, yeah man I wear the same kinda shirt everyday, I got one under this jersey right now!”
Whatever it takes to get dem boards signed.
Thee eclectic Cariuma crew.
Hire Toshi for all your assisting needs.
Lucas with the lid off! Spinnin a FS 360.
The odd couple: Danforth & Appleyard..hyped to hear these results!
...But not as psyched as this child!
Shout-out to Boards For Bros!
Big thanks to Kris Markovich for coming out and doing the art this year.
Chris “Cookie” Colbourn has been whipping around all weekend earning himself the Mob ‘G’ for effort award.
Rightfully so, Pamela Rosa won the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Shane did the trick of the day: Switch Big Flip Frontboard and won a PS5 courtesy of Skater XL.
Jagger Eaton got 3rd place.
Kelvin took home 2nd.
Shane O’neill won the whole dang thing!
Congrats guys!! And thanks to everyone who came out and made this possible!!!


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