Rock Out With Your Jock Out Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Rock Out With Your Jock Out

Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 by Furlong

Rock Out With Your Jock Out
Words by Anthony Furlong

I’ve got an interesting story about the recent Dew Tour Contest in Portland. It appears that enhancing your performance capabilities has hit even "action" sports. Two nights ago I was talking to Dave Mirra and some other bmx guys while we had some drinks. Dave and I started talking about being exhausted towards the end of our runs at these contests. He told me that a few of the guys had been going to the medic tent before their runs to hit up the oxygen tank and get more air in their system. So we were like, "We should do that." So before my last run at the contest I had no legs, no energy, and I’m sittin’ in 8th place. All I need is to make it through my last trick to bump up into the top 5. I head over to the medics, "Can I get the oxygen tank?" They tell me that there isn’t one. What’s a medic tent with no oxygen??? So I turn to walk out, but as I do Bucky Lasek walks by me with two medics holding an oxygen tank, the same one that I guess didn’t exist. So, they take him behind these curtains trying to conceal him from the rest of the room. I walk in there and I’m like, “I want some of that.” They tried to convince me it’s "medicine." Bucky doesn’t say a word. I leave because I can hear in the arena that Sandro Dias is up next and I’m after him.

So I skate, make it through one of my best runs ‘til the last trick when I’ve got no breath - fakie 540 tailgrab. I under-rotate, fall, and stay in 8th - awesome! The thing is I’m not blaming anyone but me for falling but its pretty lame that I was lied to and not given the same "advantage" as one of the Dew Tour superstars. Needless to say I complained to NBC, Dew Tour, athletes, etc. Let it be known that I don’t place any blame on Bucky. He is my friend and he didn’t do anything wrong but it was f***ed up how they treated me. In the end I’m sure Mirra didn’t have a problem getting his oxygen like I did. Bucky ended up winning the Contest.


Update to the Oxygen/Dew Tour Story
Words by Anthony Furlong

Just as in any situation where you say something without the whole story, you might be wrong. Turns out I was wrong about the oxygen at the Portland Dew Tour. Little did I know that Bucky was actually sick the whole weekend and was on medication. When I thought I was being lied to, it was actually the truth. When all is said and done, I do not know any skaters that have ever used oxygen or anything to help them skate. I am sincerely sorry for how this story made everyone on the vert ramp look. It was not made to make anyone look like they need "enhancement" to skate. We don't and no one I know has. I actually just thought I was being mistreated by the medical staff. After I spoke to the staff at the Dew Tour in San Jose, it was all explained to me about Bucky's condition and that I was not lied to. Once again, sorry for the incomplete information and I hope this clears up any confusion.

Anthony Furlong


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