Tampa Am 2022: Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2022: Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2022 by Matt Shail

It was a hard fought fight and it has become clear that the skateboarding coming out of Japan is hard to beat. The beautiful thing about skateboarding is that it is real. You cannot cheat. You cannot pretend. It's 100% authentic and raw skateboarding and that is exactly what we got out of this contest. See you all at Tampa Pro in 2023!

Photos by Bart Jones
Everytime we go out, you know we gotta show out! ...SPOT style!!
You know Jiro Platt is on that Semi-Finals tip!
Ren Suematsu is still wondering why they call it a Grapefruit Grind.
Max Berguin be uh jammin’ in his Cariumas mon!!!
Long live the Varial Flip!! Joetaro Saito combines Stee with the Flying V!!
That’s what I’m sayin’ dude!!
Lazer Crawford performing 1 of 100s of Kickflip Front Blunt Slides we saw over the weekend.
Lota Hardflips over the bump to bar as well, Gabe Vigliotti did one.
Front Salad.. Friend or Foe?? Gabe V. don’t care.
Kyonosuke Yamashita making P-Rod proud in the Semis.
Shaping the minds of today's youth.
Damn Am royalty, Daiki Ikeda still has to get through those Semis like everyone else. Piece of cake for him though!
If there was a dopest style award, it’d have to go to Aimu Yamazuki.
Number one last chance qualifier, Koffe Kroon Kickflip Backlips where many have before, and will continue to do so.
Is it possible that the Kickflip Front Blunt has become the contest trick go to these days?
Ren Suematsu didn’t quite make finals, but damn did he put up a fight!
Golden Ticket Winner, Ginwoo Onodera tagged back in to annihilate the Finals!
Power, control, and a school gym uniform.. Cordano Russell crushes a Fakie 5-O from bank to bank
Kickflips into everything!!!!
After taking a heavy collision the night before on the crete’ Jhancarlos Gonzalez keeps chugging away.
Momohei Yabushita, only 13 and already devouring it in the Finals!
Aimu skating around like a hot knife through homemade butter!
Just KF Front Board for Gabe Vigz. but dat catch tho!?!
The Kickflip Back Lip is a prerequisite for the finals apparently.
Gabe... that kid can roll man!
Kyonosuke feeds the bump to bar Hardflip beast.
No Lazer Flips for Lazer, just solid Kickflip B/S Smiths.
Oh-no! Another Kicky Front Blunt?! It’s a staple for Ginwoo though.
Switch Heel Frontboard?! A new one for Ginwoo!
OMG!! I cannot take it anymore!! Another KF F/S Blunt. It’s the new contest Bigspin Frontboard.
With a run like that?! Everyone wants to say what’s up!
The top 3 in all their glory!
One more of Ginwoo Kickflipping into tingz!
..And why not?! One more of Daiki w/ a monster of a Hardflip.
T’was a hell of a weekend! Epic Times! Congrats Daiki!! Until next time!!


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