Old Man Bowl Jam 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Bowl Jam 2023

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 by Matt Shail

Most people look forward to their 21st birthday as a rite of passage. These guys look forward to turning 30 so they can see who can skate the longest in a hot warehouse in Tampa, FL. It's the Old Man Bowl Jam and it's back for the 13th time.

Video by Jason Malley • Photos by Matt Shail
It's the Old Man Bowl Jam but this dude is dressing better than the 30 and under kids!
Elvin kicking things off with a really good slam. I don't even know what happened to him, but both of his ankles are black and blue at work this week!
Woody the drillmaster doing his thing so we can feed these hungry old dudes!
Alex had to open up the venue so we could serve out the window. It's been a while!
First thing you gotta do when you show up to a contest is check in with the main man Clint. He will get that nice headshot in our system and enter you into your Jam.
Back to Elvin - wrapping the ankle so he can hop back in the bowl.
I got a new lens so I was testing it out in the courtyard. Here are some under 30 skaters standing out in the concrete course
two legends in the building. Pete Kelly and Mike Rogers catching up before practice
Kyle Randall is the man that makes it all happen. He got all of the promo from our sponsors and really outdid himself this year. Thanks Kyle!
It wouldn't be an event without Brian giving us all a pep talk!
Brandon getting the pads on in the courtyard before heading into the warehouse for practice.
Getting a good stretch out after seeing those prizes from Strangelove!
We had DJ Albow in the building so that the tunes were right all night.
It's the Farm Boy himself, Jud Heald, in the building. This dude built the bowl decks on Friday and then ripped the bowl to shreds on Saturday!
Bobby follows Jud over the hip but takes a different approach. Upside down and inside out
Wait guys don't start just yet! We gotta get these stickers from Powell put on the bowl!
Back outside to the grill cause I wanted to scoop a hotdog. Things are looking solid - let's head back in
John practicing the longest grind in those classic D3's he is always wearing
The classic front rock from Mike Rogers
Jason Information with Kyle and Alex filming the intro for the edit - which is at the top of the page!
Nothing can stop BC. He is pure speed
The Greek in the house!
These old dudes got fans of all ages.
Who doesn't love a hug from Mike Peterson
Alright Alright let's get this thing going! Brian hops in the bowl and kicks it off with our co-host of the evening, Alex Johnson
Mike brings the front rock back for the crowd. Look at the back foot!
Rocco broke his foot during Concrete Jam at Tampa Am. He couldn't stand not being able to skate so he sawed off his cast in the dungeon and stretched that bad boy out!
Charlie Crank going frontside through the corner
Jeff Thrush poses for the camera with a picture perfect front smith
Had to go grab a drink from the venue, but this dude was back behind the bar playin games.
Tyler stopped by!
Pete Kelly boostin' one over the hip frontside
Orlando front 5-0 through the corner for the crowd
Craig Dupree was another contender for best dressed of the night
Craig and Carl dapping up and spreading that love of skateboarding
This dude came from Australia and got down with us! David Smod Smith is a legend!
He skated the contest and filmed an entire edit. The legend of David Smod Smith
SPoT team rider Myles Booker came by and tried to drop in and skate. These old dudes were NOT having it!
Mike Peterson all up in the camera!
Willie changed wardrobe 20 times and eventually just went shirtless. Is he Florida Man of SPoT?
Wait where did Willie's pants go?!
Scott got a second to sit down and have a beer with our fine panel of judges
SPoT staff member and judge Alex Vestal aka the SPoT Swiss Army Knife
Alex's son Bruce won a set of wheels from the machine in the venue. I spent like $20 on that thing last week and totally blew it.
We were fortunate enough to have bartenders serving cold ones all evening
Tim Mott catching up with SPoT team rider Brian Adams
Shane Patterson came down from Ohio and hit those bowl corners with speed
Full house and we ain't talking about the tv show
John May with the classic 90's look on the 5-0
John decided he was going up on the wall before everyone else and yanked back in
Sean Manson bending frontside around the camera flashes
Wait is that a dog!
Alright geezers get out the way. Tyler needs to manny around the entire bowl deck.
Tyler got longest grind for this one. Going the distance of 42 feet!
Congrats Tyler!
Red Halfcabs are definitely a look! Rashard Lloyd bringing the style on that rock n roll
Kenny Michaels getting blunted and sticking that one footed pop in
30 and up winner Jacob Krajewski was bringing the stoke all night!
Congrats Jacob!
When we said skate til you fall, Carl Naegele said "alright, hold my beer" and skated longer than anyone. That's why he went home with the number 1 spot in the 50+ division. Ripping all night. This blunt yank in was so steezy!!!
Congrats Carl!
I've been shooting Old Man Bowl Jam for 3 years now and this is my 3rd shot of Mike Peterson doing a back boneless on the wall. It gets better every year!
Willie was having a great time. Thanks for coming out man!
Jud Heald was destroying all night. Stoked he didn't leave empty handed. Best Trick on the Wall AND 1st place in the 40-49 division
Congrats Jud - that front smith pop in on the wall was nuts!
Look at this group! Congrats on 1st in 40-49 Jud
BC left with Hardest Slam and unfortunately he earned it. He went straight from the top deck to the side of his face. Glad you're alright dude!
Tyler did the most beautiful back nose grind through the corner of the bowl. Peep the edit above to see the best trick overall
Roberto Vega didn't skate this year, but we are stoked he made it out. Thanks for Showing Up. See you all next year!


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