Spring Roll 2023: All Ages Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2023: All Ages Contest Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 by Matt Shail

It's the first All Ages Contest of 2023 and there is a spot in Damn Am on the line for the Sponsored Division. Tap in to see who took the top spot!

Video by Jason Malley | Photos by Josh Bowser
8 and Under Winner Matthew Barrios kicking things off with a flat bar board slide
Jax Effs - Kickflip
SPoT loves the Kids
SPoT fam photo check
Gee’s Wings and Things was serving awesome seafood and snacks all day.
Felipe Luques - Front Blunt
Diego Guevara - Melon Grab over the Big Pyramid
Frederik Shawn Albrekt - Front Feeble into First Place in the 13-15 Divison
Brian catches up with Devin Bagnoli who was in town supporting his nephew Curren skating!
I heard a rumor there was champagne in the parents’ section; sadly I showed up a little too late to the party.
Jax taking his chances on the Ultra Slappy Wax wheel toss game.
A tiny example of the goods available at Gee’s.
Who’s hungry?
Karis Pettinato - Boardslide
Taylor Burnett - Crook down the Hubba
Alex Johnson warming up the crowd.
Taylor Burnett - Boardslide
Gianna Destefano - 50-50 Pyramid Rail
Parental Hype
Matthew Barrios was shocked to hear he won the 8 and Under Division
Congratulations Matthew!
Parental Paparazzi
8 and Under Division Winners - Congrats, Matthew!
9-12 Division Winners - Congrats, Josh!
13-15 Division Winners - Congrats Frederick!
These kids will do anything for a better chance at free stuff.
Women’s Division Winners - Congrats, Taylor!
Time for a product toss!
Marse taking a break from the Judge’s stand for a quick Back Noseblunt.
Salvador Figueroa - Back Smith
Stephen Gavarinski - Three Flip over the Hydrant
Another prime example of the good stuff coming out of Gee’s food truck.
Ricky Reis - Back Smith
Marcellino Mendoza - Smith across and down
Classic Markus maneuver w/ a Frontside Flip over the bump to bar.
SPoT Fam shoots photo of SPoT Fam watching SPoT Fam skate the contest.
Dylan Labrake - Front Salad
Myles Booker - Back Lip
Camden Mashore - Back Smith
Gabi Lavallee - Flick Front Board
Gabi - Front Blunt
Noah Nagaro - Back Overcrook, any other way is just a Nosegrind.
Even during a contest Liam does requests; Willy Grind Fakie
Nothing but love from the kids these days.
A quick break for something a little different...
Myles - Front Feeble
Jake Malick - Gap to Front Lip while Jason Information gets the clip
Peter Kryger - Polejam to 5-0 on the A-Frame Rail. Mind blown...
Y’all remember Lee Pipes?
James Cobb - Fakie 5-0
Noah Nagaro crushed every corner of the course and took home First Place in Sponsored as well as a free entry to the Damn Am contest of his choice. Front Smith
Liam - Back Overcrook
Shiloh and Robin took home a Just for Coming Award for coming to chill with us even though Shiloh was injured and couldn’t skate. She even handed out some shoes while they were here. Thanks ladies!
16-29 Divison Winners
More Product Toss craze!
Little man came up on some wheels.
30 and Up Division Winners
Can you guess who Alex Vestal’s favorite skater is? See you all next year!


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