All Ages Contest Series: School's Out Jam 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

All Ages Contest Series: School's Out Jam 2023

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2023 by Matt Shail

School is out and the kids are ready to skate! Take a look at the coverage from our second All Ages Contest Series installment of the year: School's Out Jam 2023

Video by Josh Bowser | Photos by Jason Malley

Welcome to the 2023 School’s Out Jam, our annual Summer all ages contest. The day started with some clouds but no rain! (Fingers crossed)
The day always starts with Registration, where DJ and Clint get you signed up for your chosen Division.
You can always opt in for a fresh headshot too.
Say hello to today’s Guest Judge, Pete!
It’s still early but the kids are already ripping! Lets get onto the Course.
Stepping onto the Pro Course with your fisheye for the first time of the day is always a little hectic. Kids are flying around in every direction and you can’t decide which way to look for the first minute or so. When in doubt, stand by the A-Frame rail.
Alex loves fan, especially on a hot day like today.
Matt pretending to ignore me and James repping our new Doughboy Parade shirt. Get yourself one ASAP.
This hack is relatively new to me. These dads will literally catch their kid as they grind a rail to keep them from hitting the ground. Very innovative stuff.
Time for Alex and Tim to kick off our SPoT Life video, which means we are only minutes away from kicking off 8 and Under.
Matthew Barrios getting a little advice from Big Tim before he takes his run.
Matthew - Boardslide the Kink Rail
“Dad, get my drink!”
Mason Martin - Boardslide
Brian approved!
Ethan with a nice Boardslide on the A-Frame rail.
“Did you get that?”
Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist…
Lose and you get hit in the dome with a bottle
“You better get out there and win this contest kid!”
The Boards for Bros fam was in the Courtyard letting kids give their boards some custom details.
The idea was a hit with the kids and we had a crowd out there all day.
Bring a lizard to the contest? Sounds like a great idea…
Our friend Kevin Reed came into town to hang out and ended up skating the Contest on our Brick Logo Cruiser board. He even made it into Sponsored Finals!
Breck Curry - Bump to Boardslide
Christian Garcia - Bump to Bar Ollie. You don’t see many kids under 12 hucking this thing.
“Did you film that one Mom?”
Mason McIntosh - 50-50 in traffic
Sebastian Dradrach - Crooked Grind
This Flick Front Board was the icing on the cake for Sebastian , who took First in the 9-12 Division
Congrats Sebaastian!
Crooked Grind across the Hydrant Gap from Breck
Karis with an A-Frame slide
Karis was shredding all day and took the W with tricks like this Kickflip to fakie.
Rebecca Hubbard - Four Block Ollie
Rosalind Swan - Wallride
Danicah Sanchez - A-Frame Kickflip
“I filmed your Run honey!”
Time for a breather and a chance to check out the Ultra Slappy Wax tent.
Messiah Massey with a Front Feeble to kick off the 13-15 Division
Frederick Shawn Albrekt showing off his progress to the judges with a front blunt
Atom Blanford with a smooth front tail for Jason Information's School's Out Jam edit
Felipe with a back Hurricane on the a-frame
Atom is back for more with this Front Blunt
Sometimes you just stand in a spot and start snapping. Sometimes the photos make no sense, like this Suski Grind from Dylan.
Then all the sudden you turn around and create photo magic when Dylan Back 180 Noseginds the Hubba.
Wyatt Bingham with a full speed back crook
Nick Fry learned front lips down the four block a week ago and already brought them to play in the 13-15 division.
What kid doesn’t love playing with spray paint?
“Yo bro did you film that?”
Glizzy Grill Master Scott
Messiah back lipping his way into 3rd place in the 13-15 division
Elijah Fox with his eyes on the prize and a front lipslide thru the kink
“And the Winner is…”
Parental Coverage Advisory Warning
Congratulations to Matthew Barrios for taking 1st overall in the 8 & Under division.
Sebastian added his name to the leaderboard with a 1st place win in the 9-12 Division. Congrats Sebastian!
Parents barring up the kids!
Last year, Karis broke her arm. This year, Karis broke free from 2nd place and landed on top of the Winner's Division.
Frederick was hyped to find out that he took First in 13-15. Congratulations G!
Let's go Frederick!
Free stuff O’clock
Always a good photo op when Jimmy and Piro are around.
Do the parents always sneak away for a big group photo like this?
Mason‘s dad said he could get any pair of shoes he wanted if he placed well in his Division. Good choice kid.
The Gasiorski fam came thru!
Things are heating up in the Pro Course with 16-29 Division starting any minute!
Gareth Redway takes it over the a-frame of the back lip
Anferney Preston flicks a kickflip over the bump to bar
Sergio Quijano warming up for the sponsored division with a crook pop over.
Big Rich with a strong Back 50 on the bump to ledge
Nathan DiMartino getting up close and personal with a back crook for the judges.
Boards for Bros representative Atom Blanford with a picture perfect back tail.
Sergio was charging his way to the Sponsored Finals. Flick Back Tail
Myles Booker was on FIRE. Tre flip the pyramid with ease
Front Noseslide from Westside's Anthony Biggs
DJ AlBow was providing audio vibes for the day. Always a pleasure!
Behind the Scenes of the guys who work Behind the Scenes.
Anthony Biggs - Bump to Bar 5-0
SPoT Retail Manager Rocco takes a break from the shop and clocks in on the Bank to Wall with a Back Smith
Hey that dude used to work here! Elvin Ramos with a front smith in the corner
This is the face of a man who has just blown chunks.
Tiago destroyed the 30 and Up Division with tricks like this Nosegrind.
Tiago again with a solid Suski
“Gimme my change son!”
Felipe Luques with a Nose Slide from flat!
Ace Furlong takes an impossible and makes it possible over the bump to bar.
Felipe with a late shuv over the bump to bar to further cement himself into the Sponsored division finals.
Kevin Reed - Back Lip the whole way
Felipe with a Front Feeble fully dipped
Fernando Ruiz with a wild Inward Heel to Tailslide
Ace picture perfect Back Lip
Ace again with a Wallie up the Box and a Wallie Nollie off it
Mikey is reppin’ our new Doughboy deck. Grab one in the shop!
New SPoT camp instructor and Westside reppin' Matt Savidakis with a Cab Back Lip
Liam Brocks bustin' out a casual Bump to Back Smith
Gotta love a little post Jam celebration with the boys.
SPoT team rider Myles Booker with a back suski
Myles gapping the pyramid to back lip.
Sergio with a 180 Nosegrind in the finals
Myles Back Smith
Myles was on one today! Alley Back 180 over the a-frame.
Myles again with a Flick Front Board
Sergio finished an insane Jam with this clean Frontside Flip.
“These shirts aren’t our size, but we don’t care!”
Thanks for coming out, Jet Black Skateboards!
Big shout out to the fire fighting homie Anthony Biggs. That deserves a “Just for Showing Up” award.
Thank you to previous 2022 Skate Mom of the Year Michelle Tancos for always supporting us!
Congratulations to Gareth Redway for taking 1st overall in the 16-29 division.
30 and Up was stacked this weekend! Congratulations to every adult homie who came through and congrats to Tiago on 1st.
That moment when you realize you won your first Sponsored Contest at SPoT. Congrats Felipe.
Felip has qualified for Damn Am!


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