Tampa Am 2023: Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2023: Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2023 by Matt Shail

It's all leading up to this moment. The Tampa Am Finals through the lens of Josh Bowser

Photos by Josh Bowser
It’s Sunday morning at Tampa Am 2023 and the crew is looking a little tired. Saturday nights in Ybor will do that to even a seasoned veteran.
The Aux Channel crew is looking bright eyed and ready to go Live for our annual Webcast. What’s that button do?
Once again, I ran into a bunch of homies on my way into the Pro Course. Looking great squad but I gotta get to work…
Pizzle and Diego from Santa Cruz Skateboards
Abdias and Tom. SPoT Team and ex-SPoT Ybor Manager. Remember our Ybor shop?
In the Course we have Toshi getting those stickers on point.
The announcers are ready to go; y’all ready to go Live?!
Piero taking this Front Feeble all the wayyyy
Gap to Noseblunt from Agustin Aquila hailing all the way from Italy
Jake Yanko 100mph Nosegrind on his way to winning the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Jake backs himself up with a Low to High Barley Grind
Damn Am Japan Women's winner Yumeka Oda warming up with a front feeble
This is a Halloween themed event right?
Flick Back Lip from long time competitor Richard Tury
Deivid on another wild trick. Nollie 270 Lip the weird way. Shoulders still haven't caught up to his feet yet!
This kid is 13. Flick Back Lip from Tijmen Overbeek of the Blue Tomato Europe crew
Roman Hager fully locked into a Noseblunt
Hardflip Back Lip straight out the gate from Ohio's Gabe Vigliotti
Jake Yankout of a Boardslide into the bank
Bump to Back Smith from Rio Motohasi, our Last Chance Open Qualifier from Friday.
Julian can Flick Back Smith. Loop, swoop and pull.
Textbook Kickflip Crooks from Ty Stigney
Lazer didn’t miss these Kickflip Back Tails all weekend. That’s a pretty good way to start a run
Are you watching this?! You better be tuned in…
Gap to back blunt from Damn Am Japan 2023 Winner Kento Urano
Toa gapped out to a hundred tricks over the weekend. Gap to Back Smith
Nollie 180 to Switch Crooks from Roy Motohashi
Time to take a break for a quick Boards for Bros raffle.
The honorable Woody presiding
This guy won a signed Frazier board. How much you want for it bro?
Old SPoT local Devon won a Bucky board. Time to come skate the ramp dude.
Back inside Kento is kicking it up a notch with this kicky Back Noseblunt
Ginwoo never misses. Kickflip Back Tail for the judges
There he goes again. Bigflip Front Board
Carlos Garcia - Kickflip Boardslide
Carlos with some more proper flick, this time into a Crooked grind.
His run got the boys hyped and landed him in 9th place overall.
180 to Switch Crook on lock. He even popped out at the end
Aimu with a really good one. Nollie Front Blunt
Thanks for painting the Pro Course again Matt McDole! We miss you already.
Are you watching??!!!!!
”Thanks to my mom for having me!”
Full house and we ain't talking about Danny Tanner!
Full House 2 Electric Bugaboo
when you get the Zumiez Destroyer award and FREAK out
Congrats Lazer. Drink up on that apple juice buddy you earned it!
Shot for the parents. See you all in 2024!


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