All Ages Contest Series: School's Out Jam 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

All Ages Contest Series: School's Out Jam 2024 Coverage

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2024 by Matt Shail

School's out, and the kids are ready to skate! Check out the highlights from our second All Ages Contest Series event of the year: School's Out Jam 2024!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to our Annual School’s Out Jam All Ages Contest. Always good to warm up with some basketball.
Matthew Barrios starting things off with 50-50
Let’s get this started aye boys?
Gotta pause for a few autographs with Cookie Panda.
We were lucky enough to have The Toasty Bros. serving up breakfast and lunch during the contest. Thanks bros!
Rain looking strong with this 50-50
A great run from Rain got Dad and the whole crowd stoked.
Kickflip from Enzo Bustamante
Ethan stands tall with a 50-50
Ethan taking it down the 4 block with a board slide
Matthew Barios gets in on the back boardslide mix
Taking it to the a frame this time
Karis with a back board on the bump to bar for Jason Information
Always a pleasure to see some FSEC members in the mix at these contests.
Karis goin' upside down into the Kahuna!
Rebecca Hubbard with a back board on the baker rail
We had skaters from all over the world at this one! Brazil's Davi Pereira with a front 50 down the concrete hubba
Homie pulled up in a Lambo truck to stomp a kickflip
Front board for the podium from Christian Garcia
Christian - Bump to FS 50-50
Another Brazilian starting off early at SPoT, this time hailing from Curitiba Paraná. 13 year old Matheus Moletta Reis with a kickflip up the step up.
Matheus bringing a heel flip up this time around
…and that’s how you win yourself a “Just for Showing Up” Award
Smith Grind from Dylan Sorrels of Yuck Skate Shop
Time for some awards. Congrats to Rain for his first win in the 8 & Under division!
Davi brought the heat from Brazil and took 1st overall in the 9-12 division
Think now is a good time to crack an ice cold Jai Alai?
Family Photo time. From left to right: SPoT shipping manager Jack Loktu, SPoT Team Rider and Judge James Cobb, and the man himself Brian Schaefer!
Soon to be Woodward Camp Counselor, Karis Pettinato, with the first place win in the women's division!
Congrats Karis!
Ian Mazer with the stone cold face taking over for the 13-15
What's an All Ages Contest without a product toss? Gianna Destefano holding it down in the sea of people for that sweet sweet swag!
Can’t believe this is a make. Back Lip from Jose Vega
Sarasota's Nathan DiMartino with a Nosegrind off the bump
Always a pleasure to see OG’s like Darrell Gordon still pulling up for our contests. Front Board the long way for the 30 & Up crew
Darrell again with a Heelflip while someone walks in front of the camera
Props or Arm Wrestling…You decide
Flick Crook from the only person I’ve ever met besides Rob Dyrdek with a Monster chain. Austin also has a Monster tattoo on his shoulder. This dude is down to unleash the beast
Freddy with a Gap to Front Feeble
Gabi with a V Heel on command down the four block for Jason
The kids love a good Suski these days. Remember calling them Tailgrinds?
SPoT Team Rider Gabi back on the A Frame with a Back Tail
Mikey Ribble taking this Back Bigspin down the block first T
Sniper shot of Freddy with the flick front board
I think Myles is flick me off during this Crook
Atlanta's Messiah has grown a foot since the last time we saw him. Strong Tre Flip
Messiah going the distance with this Front Feeble
Nothing but love after a crazy run from Myles
Caveman Nosegrind from our guy Rocco
Back Lip from Anchor Skate Supply's Maycon Meta
Mikey Premet representing Westside Skateshop with a nice catch on this 360 Flip
Front Feeble from Sebi Dradrach
Jake Malick returned from his injury at Damn Am LA last year. Great seeing you out there Jake! Back Smith on the a frame from the man
New dad and SPoT Team Rider Kris Clayton made an appearance. He blessed us with a back smith front 180 before heading into work.
Maycon, Myles, and Gabi made their way into the Sponsored finals. Maycon with a nollie crook to kick it off!
Back 3 down the set from Myles
these guys are firing off left and right! Maycon with a nollie back nose slide
Gabi flicking his way into a front 50. This kid is unstoppable!
Myles cruising his way through a front feeble.
Myles was on one today - Flick Back Lip
Who won it Alex?
Thanks for Showing Up fellas!
Thanks for Showing Up Alabama dudes that Alex Vestal knows!
Congrats to Jose Vega for his first win in the 16-29 division
Elvin Ramos with a well deserved win for the 30+ crew
Congrats to Myles Booker for securing his spot in Damn Am 2024!
Sponsored top 5. Congratulations Myles!
It's a celebration. Have some free product!!!
How many hands does it take to catch a T-shirt? See ya next time!


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