Go Skate Day 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skate Day 2024 Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 by Matt Shail

We teamed up with Vans, Monster, and Bones to bring another year of celebration of skateboarding. We kicked things off in the bowl for the hottest Bowl Jam of the summer and then went to the courtyard to hand out Cash for Tricks. Tap in to see how it all went down!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to Go Skate Day 2024! Thanks for shirking your Friday responsibilities and joining us for a day of good ole wholesome skateboarding fun! Summer from Curaleaf is here repping this sick T-shirt Vans made for us.
The Boards for Bros tent is in full effect today. Stop by and say hello.
Go ahead and grab the large kid. You’ll grow into it…
Great to see some real adults in the building on a weekday. Hey Josh and Tyler.
Ryan is technically the new guy here, even though he used to work at Transitions, our old event venue.
Bosses on the grill today. Sup Scott and Caleb?! Love the hats boys
The Jai Alai Crew was on site today, handing out free cans of the cold stuff.
Adults only for the brews. IDs fellas…
Full disclosure; I wanted to stick my head into the ice buckets all day. It was hot and humid out there…
Kyle requested the Glizzy pic. Ask and you shall receive.
What’s in the bag Tyler? Quit messing around and get your ass to the Bowl Jam.
Timmy starting things off with a classic frontside floater.
Lucha Libre going upside down for the crowd.
KKR doing it old skool style
Peter going new skool with a big frontside air
Awesome turnout today. Get in the bowl Jack!
Full speed Peter Kryger
Timmy Iceberg Fakie aka the Ali Boulala
Matt holding stacks to give out for some wild maneuvers
The Masked Luchador is here!
Roll in the sesh, smack a Disaster, run into someone, repeat. It was a wild session in the bowl.
This is what it looks like before you slam into the homie during a heated sesh. Eyes up Pete!
Rocco Smith stall amongst the chaos
Peter went top rope and showed el Luchador who the real King of the Ring is.
More KKR and is that Jake Wooten?! Thanks for pulling up Jake!
Aight time to move things outside. Matt Savidakis pulled up with the Westside Skateshop crew. Pop Shuvit
Big Jack following up the homie with a strong V Flip
Big crowd starting to gather while Myles hits a Full Cab over the gap.
Peter thinking outside the triangle on this Gap to Back Tail
Aight time to bring in the real heat, the Vans Barrier presented by none other than Brian Schaefer himself.
More Westside crew getting into the mix. Anthony Biggs with a Back Tail.
Sly doing it all for the cash man. Front Crook
Serge was surging all day. This Front Noseblunt was just one of maybe 10-12 tricks he landed.
Sly, you missed the board. Nosegrind Shoegrab.
The queue was kinda heavy…Let’s eat somewhere else.
Myles Kicky Back Lip
I know when I’m performing advanced maneuvers like this Back Noseblunt it always helps if the guy next to you screams your name at the top of his lungs. Brian giving “MATT SAVIDAKIIIIIIISSSS” all the motivation he needs.
Matt McCauley with a perfect Pupecki Grind.
Aight time for a Product Toss to break up the craziness.
Lemme get a hat bro!
Taking things inside cuz we still have some bread to give away. Tiago (not that Tiago) with a Smith Grind.
Matt is back with a Back Smith
Rain earning himself a few bucks with a solid 50-50
Sergio took $50 when someone requested a Backside Flip over the A-Frame.
Easy money.
Savidakis did this Crook first T but I made him do it again for a photo.
Matt didn’t stop skating all day. Pop Shuv 50-50
Flick 50-50 from kung fu Kenny
Santi kinda battled this Kickflip Front Blunt but in the end he did it perfect before the buzzer sounded.
Well done Santi!
Show me the cash dude!
Pause for a cute dog photo.
Okay right back into it for the last event of the day. The Race of DEATH!
Things got kinda deadly…
The anticipation before the flag drops is palpable…
More near death experiences.
“Are you good?”
“Yea I’m good”
Congratulations to Matt Savidakis for surviving death! And a huge shout out to everyone for joining us today at Go Skate Day 2024. We can’t wait to do this again next year.


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