etnies Goofy vs. Regular: Issue of Who’s “Pro” and Miscellaneous Notes Article at Skatepark of Tampa

etnies Goofy vs. Regular: Issue of Who’s “Pro” and Miscellaneous Notes

Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2005 by Ryan

etnies Goofy vs. Regular: Issue of Who’s “Pro” and Miscellaneous Notes
Words by Ryan Clements

Two of the best things about skateboarding events (besides watching people go involuntarily pro, of course): running into old friends (Dave Pleshaw on the right) and making new ones (Pat Duffy in the middle)
You know how some girls definitely have the potential to be super cute but their busted gear, horrible make up, and other factors pretty much push them over the ugly line? This girl with the money tat is a perfect example of that
Every time I went out in front of the hotel to burn a grit, I'd get all kinds of crazy heckling and shouting from the hotel next to us. Turns out it's Rick Eusey and his wild crew in their hotel room. On the floor above, this sketchy couple joined in the fun. The girl was hanging out the window with nothing but round stickers on. Hell yeah
The girl on the left is named Sarah and she's the intern at She'll be posting video of the contest on their site. I know she looks eleventeen, but I saw her with a beer and a smoke all night. Hmm. Her friend in the center is Lyndsey
Frank Gerwer was giving some serious hell to Benji Galloway. He kept saying, "Benji, can I get a World Cup point? Can I get a point? Pleeeease!" That was pretty funny to everyone except Benji Galloway
This girl has one of the most glamorous job descriptions I've heard in a while. She's designing the etnies girl's clothing line. She does stuff like take trips to New York for "inspiration." Just say it like it is - you're going there to bite people's gear. It's ok, copying what other people do is what makes the whole sketchy skateboarding industry work
I wanted to lift up Don Brown's pant leg just to see if he secretly still wears his freestyler shin guards
This reminds me of some of my friends' apartments I've been in
Uh, how old is Danny Rosario? I don't know, but he was rolling triple fists at the party
Definitely a fan of this guy - Colin Hale. He rips and is pretty cool to sit around and have a beer and an under-21 beverage with. Check him out at Damn Am next weekend
Not even ass floss or a great upskirt shot gets viewed on the site more than a fresh photo of Ryan Sheckler. Teenie boppers gone wild! This is Ryan Clements, Ryan Sheckler, and Steve Stratton from Volcom
I hope the important people in skateboarding, like Don Brown here, don't think we're a bunch of drunks who don't do anything but party. He probably thinks we put beer in our cereal in the morning, sleep all day, the go straight back to the bar. No, that's what successful people do. I'm still working hard to get to that point
Two days hanging out in the hotel lobby, and both days, Braydon is spotted half naked where you're just like, "Put some clothes on asshole!" The camera reflects my drunk vision in this photo of Braydon and Clements
Braydon and Beagle - at least Braydon has clothes on in this photo
I got no sketchy, from the floor, upskirt type photos, but I did spot this ass floss. Not the most attractive thing to check out on this chick, but you're still going to look at it anyway
Florida hurricane party! Clements, Matt Milligan, Allen Russell, and Braydon with clothes on. It doesn't look like they're running out of beer anytime soon, huh?
As Rob pointed out in the What’s Up column, we don’t have anything to do with this contest. We’re just here having a good time. I’m sure that most of the companies out there realize this already, but we just wanted to clarify that point.

With that being said, I want to further address the comments that were made over the mic yesterday. From what I gather, about 30-40% of the skaters that were in the Qualifiers were amateurs. We’re talking about kids like Dylan Reider, Jon Goemann, Tony Cervantes, and the list goes on. These guys are top am skateboarders sponsored by “real” companies, and since the GvR event is apparently “open” to anyone, then these guys willingly skated in it.

The announcer said something like, “You will not see Dylan Reider at Damn Am next weekend because now he’s pro. All of the guys in this event have now turned pro.”

That’s not verbatim, but that’s what was said. I want to set the record straight right now by saying that’s not how it works. Companies turn skaters pro. It’s that simple. All contest organizers like us do is run events. It’s Zero’s choice when Tony turns pro, not anyone else’s. Hell, Tony Cervantes was just officially put on the Zero am team and now he’s pro since he skated in the GvR contest? That’s nonsense, and anyone paying attention knows what the real deal is. Come see Tony skate Damn Am next weekend. That’s a fact.

Okay, now that all of the serious crap is out of the way, here’s some stuff I remember from the Qualifiers and the After-Party last night:
  • Jon Goemann is turning into a man. Reportedly he actually has to shave now
  • Neil Mims was going for the switch fs flip down the double set. We were scared for him
  • I’m changing Chris Cudlipp’s last name to CudRIP! That kid kills it
  • Marquise Preston is allegedly on Chocolate
  • David Gonzales hasn’t grown a single centimeter
  • The bank-to-barricade saved the contest
  • How come it’s so cold in southern California?
  • Nilton Neves is possibly the most sincere man in skateboarding
  • Pat Duffy rules. I want to party with that guy more often
The After-Party was killer. There was more free beer than you could drink. Florida was holding it down hard in the corner with me, Rob, Big Al Russell, Matt Milligan, Big Dave Pleshaw, and special guests Pat Duffy and Frank Gerwer. Frankie was drinking, puked, and kept on drinking. I feel like I’m “in” because I got to witness that. Sorry if this write-up sucks because I’m hung over courtesy of Don Brown and the entire Sole Tech staff. Great party last night.



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