SPoT Team Member Paul Zitzer Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Team Member Paul Zitzer

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2002 by TEAM

SPoT Team Rider
Paul Zitzer
SPoT Team Memeber Date Of Birth 5/22/72
Place Of Birth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Home San Diego, CA
Sponsors Status, FKD, Lost..., Venture, SPoT
Shoes Adio
Board Size Big on vert, small on street. Very interesting.
Trucks and Size Venture 5.0on street, 5.2 on vert. Highs.
Wheels and Size Ricta 58's on vert, Status 52's, on street.
Started skating at what age? 13
How did skating begin? I saw a kid in my neighborhood skating. He showed me an issue of Transworld which I'd never seen before and I said, "You can do tricks on skateboards? I'm in!"
Favorite Terrain/Spot I like good vert ramps, and any downtown area with some good marble ledges.
Favorite Trick On street it has to be the backside flip. On vert, it's the backside tailslides.
Favorite Skate Video I like all the Alien videos. Plan B, of course. I have a Tom Penny video with al of his parts on it. That's pretty good.
Music It changes from time to time. i really like hits from the 80's: The Pet SHop Boys, White Stripes, Modest Mouse, and a million others, but you get the idea.
Car I have a Honda Accord and a 1972 Mini that was shipped over from Italy.
Interests Other Than Skating I don't like sports, I don't play music. I hang around a lot and write stuff. Sometimes I think about stuff, too. Ha ha.
Influences I'm influenced by people that shred: Tim O'Connor, Bobby Puleo, Reynolds.
Future Plans I'm not too sure. I want to write for a magazine, or write a book, or a movie.
Last Words Last words are always too difficult.
"Have fun kids."
Is that generic enough for you?

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