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Tampa Am 2006 Skate Photos

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Am 2006 Skate Photos
Cody McEntire started off his perfect run in the finals with this nollie backside heel flip over the pyramid. He ended his run with a nollie big spin down the stair set. After that, the place blew up and everyone knew they were now trying for second place
Willy Akers is one of the most entertaining people to watch in a contest. His runs are so much more different and creative than anyone else. This is a boneless on the Baton Rouge wall
It wouldn't be an am contest without someone throwing down a fatty to flatty. Tyler Hendley steps up with a kickflip
Who dat? Stale fish
Looks painful. There were two scary slams this weekend. One was Matt Fink who slammed on something going frontside down the rail. His foot landed on his tail and he kicked the nose on his board into his throat, after which he flopped around on the course unable to breath like a fish out of water. That was pretty scary. The other was Rober Lopez Mont who did long gap to nut sack plus a rib cage jab by the end of the rail
Timmy Knuth got the Bryan Herman influence - frontside nosegrind stale fish grab
Alex Perelson's backside air reminds me of a sad plant. You don't see many vert skaters doing sad plants anymore. Someone needs to bring that one back. Oh and while you're at it, bring back the days of when vert was cool. That might happen again soon. There were a lot of young vert rippers and the contest was just like all the other years with eight-year-olds doing early grab airs 80 feet below the coping and 45 year old dudes still skating in vert contests
Nick Trapasso was ripping all weekend, but during that one minute of his run, he fell off a bit and just missed the cut. This is a back smith on the rail
Despite how sketchy his front foot looks, Nick Merlino rode away clean from this nollie frontside feeble grind in his run
I gave my camera to Steve Stratton from Volcom and he took some damn good shots. This is Nick Dom Pierre doing a 360 flip over the long pyramid
Mike Owen was one of a few people that could do 540's in the Vert Contest
Mike Sinclair got second in the Old Man Bowl Jam. Kevin Coss won it. When was the last time you saw a madollie? Mike does them good
Manny Santiago is all smiles and good times. This is a kickflip up the step up
Sean Malto - front crook down the rail more effortless than you and I can just boardslide down it
Kurtis Calomonico - switch frontside flip into the step up
Keegan Sauder did this ollie up to backside tailslide on the wall from the quarter in his run
One of my favorites on a skateboard and at the bar - Jake Duncombe. This is a frontside 180 over the long pyramid
It's good to see a Tampa local in the Finals. This is Ian Gow frontside flipping the pyramid
I can't believe Grant Taylor didn't make the cut. He has one of the best looking frontside flips on tranny you've ever seen. He makes it every time, except in his run he bailed it. This is a frontside nosegrind down the rail
Matt Giles can still crooked grind the rail with that jacked eye he has
Evan Smith got picked up by Force Trucks. There's a lot of sponsor adding and changing that goes on all weekend at Tampa Am. This is a 360 flip over the pyramid
David Bachinsky skated very consistent all weekend. He was in the top ten at every cut. This is a back smith down the rail
After he backside 50-50'd it, Dylan Perry then did the big gap to back lip - whoa
It's very hectic during Best Trick. Dylan Perry still managed to go against the grain and make this long gap to backside 50-50 in traffic as you can see by this photo
Cody McEntire - nollie flip boardslide. That's not so easy
I'm sure TAPS (tight ass pants) cause low sperm count like the whole briefs vs. boxes thing, but TAPS probably also stunt your growth. Oh well, David Gonzales can still smith grind in those painted on jeans
David Bachinsky goes around the world like Greg Lutzka - frontside 270 to switch front board on the rail
Dallas Rockvam sits perfectly leveled on backside tail slides. This one's to fakie
Cody McEntire - nollie half cab heel flip down the stair set
Tiny Tosh ripped it. This is Cody Davis from Minneapolis. He made this kickflip back smith in his run, too. He probably got a raise in his allowance for that
Branen Fitzgerald almost missed the Semi-Finals that he qualified more. He got caught in the party tornado as most of us did. This is a backside 180 down the stair set
Adam Taylor's got a nice looking stale fish


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