Tampa Pro 2006 Lurking With Rob's Sister Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2006 Lurking With Rob's Sister

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2006 by Rob

Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

My sister complains that she's known among my friends more as "Rob's sister" than her real name. Instead of my mug in every drunk party photo, I brought her around the bar and introduced her to everyone as "Rob's sister" for a photo with all your favorite pros that were at Reservoir Bar on Sunday night. If you see my sister out, buy her a beer and call her "Rob's sister" - she'll be psyched.

Felix, Rob's sister, and Zered Bassett

Tom Curran, Kyle Berard, Ryan Clements, and Rob's sister

Jon Comer, Scott Koerner, and Rodney Jones with part of Rob's sister

Rob's sister, Ronnie Gordon, and Danny Morrin

Giovanni Reda the photographer, Fabrizio Santos, and Rob's sister

Rob's sister and Rob Hoovis the filmer

Pat Channita and Rob's sister

PLG and Rob's sister

Maclom Watson, a crew of people, and Rob's sister

Rob's sister and Kyle Berard

Rob's sister and Greg Lutzka

Rob's sister and Justin Williams from Empire Distribution/Force Trucks

Jerson Wilson, Rob's sister, and Jereme Rogers

Greg Carroll from Empire Distribution/Force Trucks and Rob's sister

Jake Nunn and Rob's sister

Rob's sister and Gailea Momolu

Kerry Getz and Rob's sister

Anthony Furlong and an unhappy Rob's sister

Pat Duffy, Rob's sister, and Tato Feliciano

Somehow Rob's sister ended up with Pat Duffy's belt. Looks like some bondage is about to go down

Don Nguyen and Rob's sister

Chris Cudlipp and Rob's sister

Corey Duffel and Rob's sister

Jon Comer, Rob's sister, and Rodney Jones

Another sibling - Rob's sister with Schafer's brother

Rob's sister with Clint Peterson and Ryan Clements


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