Prague Mystic Cup Contest 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Prague Mystic Cup Contest 2006

Posted on Monday, July 10, 2006 by Rob

Prague Mystic Cup Contest 2006
By Rob Meronek

I didn't take any skate photos at the Mystic Cup Contest yesterday because we got to the Contest super late. One good thing about that is we arrived just in time for the party that went down at the Park. Random party and lurk shots from the night are below.

We missed the Street Finals. I don't even know who won. When we got there, this was the scene as Best Trick was just finishing up

That's Ian Deacon, one of the owners of Flip, with Lance Mountain and Ali Boulala looking like a thin Scotty The Body Conley

Wow, I never hung out with Arto Saari before. The entire Flip team was there

How come Bastien Salabanzi's smoke looks way different than mine?

I still get star struck every time I see Geoff Rowley. That's Ian Deacon and Brian Schaefer with him

Preston took the chill camera from me for a minute then came back with this photo

I don't know what place he got, but Tony Trujillo walked away with some good 'ol American greenbacks

Ah man I forgot to bring the video with me to the internet cafe of Suzanna here saying her name and where she's from. A serious turn on for sure with that accent and smile

Czech foot fetish shot. That's Suzanna's crazy kicks on the right and her friend's on the left

Lacey Baker placed and got some kind of huge glass cup locked in a box as her trophy

We have lots of our American friends here - this is Collin Hale with Brian Schaefer

Two extra cool skate moms - Donna Baker and Pam Hale. They're hanging out for a couple weeks like we are for the upcoming AmsterDamn Am

This dude was passing around something he simply described as "home made." I'm not a liquor drinker, but when it was getting passed around I felt obligated to take a swig. My chest was on fire for like 20 minutes. Serious Czech moonshine there

This guy was extra hyped because Ronnie Creager gave his board to him after the Contest

Ali Boulala was blowing into a harmonica most of the time. That's Jake Phelps with him and Zered Bassett mean muggin'

Dave Duncan and Schaefer need to have a mic battle or something at the next event

I was over it around 1am. Right when I was leaving things started to get loose on this rope swing that was in the center of the party. Hot chick after hot chick stepped up and scared us all by going way too high on that thing. Then when a dude would try it, the crowd would throw beer, trash, and whatever at him to make room for a girl to get on


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