Back to the Brooklyn Banks Contest 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back to the Brooklyn Banks Contest 2006

Posted on Monday, August 21, 2006 by Rob

Back to the Brooklyn Banks Contest 2006
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek and Chapin Atchison

I took a fast 28 hour trip to New York City with Chapin this weekend to check out the Back to the Brooklyn Banks Contest in New York City. There were four best trick type contests on the banks with a ledge at the top, the bank to wall, the nine stair rail, and a marble kicker wedge thing. When Steve on the mic said, "We need to extend the time, no one's landing $h!t," that pretty muched summed it up. All that stuff is hard to skate and while I was there, only a few bangers went down. It was still a good time and it was nice to see an event go down at a real spot like that. We left before the results, but it didn't really seem to matter. It was more like a fun session with a lot of pros. Results will probably be on Back to the soon.

This was the scene at the tightly packed Brooklyn Banks during the Contest. That's Heath Kirchart on the left not making the backside noseblunt slide he was attempting. The banks are rough and a little steep, but not in photos

Heath Kirchart - backside tailslide shuv out with a photographer offering up some kind of sacrifice or something. His photo probably turned out a lot better

Gonz suddenly showed up and just barged the place with what looked like a skimboard with wheels. I don't know how he made this frontside 180 up the step up

This Axel Rose looking kid had every foot plant variation on the bank to wall. He's going to finger flip out of this planter

It's a horrible run up to this rail. Ryan Bobier could still front board it no problem

Who dat? Late shuv over the rail

Manny Santiago - feeble grind on the rail

Who dat? I don't know, but this girl had a good looking kickflip

Marquise Preston didn't get a chance to throw down. They were booting all the busters out of the Contest to make way for people that actually had a chance of landing something. Marquise somehow was included in the list of people that got the boot. I don't think they knew who he was - Marquise would have killed it. Anyway, he got salty, they got salty back, then I never saw him again after that

These guys are pissed because no one's landing anything

Why was Spanky riding a Shut deck? Maybe it was someone else's. This is an alley oop frontside wall ride

Not sure if Brandon Westgate ever made this heelflip frontside wall ride or not. This dude RIPS. Check out that little pile of concrete on the left with a piece of metal sticking out of it waiting to stab you if you slam the wrong way

Zered Bassett sat out for the rail jam, but he ripped the bank to ledge. This is a frontside noseblunt slide

Dustin Charlton, victim of a crapper to the dome that almost killed him at a Tampa Am Anniversary Party years ago, was there and skated every obstacle. Not sure if he ever made this kickflip backside 360 up the step up

Steve Stratton from Volcom was there to make sure The Stone was properly represented. This is an ollie impossible up the step up

You can find Jahmal Williams at the finally opened MIA Skatepark in Miami, but this weekend he was up in NYC. On this backside flip, he could have landed on his own board or that one behind him. He chose his own board

Chapin, thanks for taking a photo of this 360 flip to fakie. Last time I was at the Brooklyn Banks I don't think 360 flips were invented yet

One fourth of the Hale family was there. Collin Hale - nollie back heel off the kicker

Matt Allen skated everything. This is a frontside 180 fakie 5-0 on the bank to ledge

This spot is at the JFK airport in NYC. There's a clear runway from the left, but it's at the terminal so as soon as you start even thinking of skating, you get busted

From here on out, it's all weird foot photos, chill shots, and nightlife in NYC. This was our choice of activities after the Contest. Here's a foot fetish check - someone's got some bootleg SPoT shoes going on here

I only smoke when I'm drinking and I only drink when I'm awake, which I guess pretty much makes me a smoker. Anyway, the newly discovered smoking section in NYC was to lock yourself in the bathroom. After a while I wasn't the only one enjoying the new lounge. People were banging on the door, then I walk out with two girls looking extra pimp even though nothing went down besides lung damage

That's Patrick O'Dell - he was the DJ for the night at some random place Alanna took us to. Alanna is Mark Gonzales' studio manager now and she knew the NYC hot spots to take us to. Thanks for the drinks, Alanna. Patrick's site is Epicly where he posts party and lurk shots of your favorite pros and industry bros

Malcom Watson was at Max Fish, a bar that's sort of like The Hub of NYC but with a lot of skateboarders hanging out. That's Chapin mean muggin' behind Alana

Joey Brezinski and Chapin Atchison at Max Fish looking like locals

Someone's gang symbol is covering up our new friend, Sincere. He's a bum that hung out with us for much of the night on the streets of NYC. He sported a gold foil headband and after a few drunken rap battles, he coined me "the rappin Asian". Those grillin' ladies are girlfriends of some of Chapin's friends. They later became girlfriends of each other as you can see below

Here's that bar famous for being cool. Go there, have a drink, and feel really special - Max Fish in NYC

Okay, I had to fan out when Gonz walked into Max Fish. Gonz doesn't drink, but he still hangs out with an O'Doul's for some good times

Video footage of Gonz at the Banks filmed on Chapin Atchison's phone:


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