Mike Carroll Interview Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Mike Carroll Interview

Posted on Monday, October 9, 2006 by Chad

Mike Carroll Interview
By Chad Cordoza

1) All right, let’s say you are now a movie reviewer. Please give us your thumbs up or thumbs down on these five movies and a few words as to why.
  1. Lords of Dogtown
  2. Thrashin'
  3. Gleaming the Cube
  4. Grind
  5. The Skateboard Kid
The Skateboard Kid gets a thumb down cuz’ I’ve never seen it. The same with The Grind. I’m sure that movie sucked anyway. Lords of Dogtown gets a semi-erect thumb cuz’ for some reason I didn’t mind it that much even though it was kind of whatevz’. Thashin’ and Gleaming the Cube both get two thumbs up! I think they were both pretty gay when I first saw them, but I think they came full circle. Basically they sucked so bad that they rip now.

2) Some people see things differently from other people. Can you name a skate spot that all your friends LOVE but you HATE, and why you hate that spot?
I don’t think I ever really liked Pier 7. I mean, I skated it, but for some reason I could never get into that place. I just went there cuz’ all of my friends were there.

3) Remember that MC Hammer song “They put me in the Mix?” Which of these is the best mix? Mixed skate tricks, mixed dog breeds, or mixed drinks?
I would say mixed dog breeds are the best. I only like a couple mixed drinks and mixed skate tricks is too general.

4) Give us a professional skateboarder’s opinion on this: What is it like to skate a place with a bunch of guys that are not pro or sponsored and they are just skating to impress you and beaming after each trick?
I used to care and think that person sucked and get pissed, but I don’t give a f*c# anymore. I think it’s pretty entertaining now and just sit there watch them and get a couple laughs, maybe give them a couple thumbs up if they look over.

5) Some truck drivers are owner/operators and now many skateboarders are as well. Can you tell us what companies you skate for as well as own, and how much of each company you own?
I skate for Girl, 4star, Lakai, Royal, Diamond, and Fillmore. Yeah, I got my hands in some $h!t.

6) Oh no! Lookout! Your apartment/house/cave/station wagon…whatever is on fire! Everyone is safe, but you only have time to grab three things out of the place. What are they?
My girl, my dog, and my Ipod.

7) What do you think when you see a kid walking down the sidewalk holding a skateboard?
I wonder if he can do a 900????? Or how many stairs he can “ride.”

8) Which is better?
  • Jawbreaker or Lemonheads (candy)? Lemonheads
  • Jawbreaker or Lemonheads (band)? Lemonheads by default
  • Painted or waxed curb? Painted
  • Indoor or outdoor Skatepark? Outdoor. Sorry
  • Chunky or creamy? Creamy
  • Cold Stone or Marble Slab? Cold Stone
  • East coast or west coast? It’s all good
  • Silicone or Saline? Glands/milk ducts, fat, and muscle. Straight jiggly

9) If you were writing a book about the story of your life, the story of Mike Carroll, what would it be titled?
Balloons, Crackers, and Tanks…Million Dollar Gases

10) All right you are now Mike-stradamus and we need a prediction. ESPN helped in part by making skateboarding and the ‘extreme’ sports a huge success and it did wonders for the world of poker. What do you see being the next big thing?
Extreme Hide and Go Seek. It’s where you hide octopuses, fists, beads, etc…

11) At my house we have named our toilet Montclair. Have you given a name to anything that others may consider odd to give a name to?
Not yet but that sounds like a good idea. I’ll get back to you with that.

12) Any last words?
I try not to.



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