Paul Schmitt's Create a Skate Program Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Paul Schmitt's Create a Skate Program

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I was recently at Tampa Bay Tech High School. If you’re from Tampa, you know about the 10 stair rail there. On the day I went, Paul Schmitt and Tosh Townend were there for the Create a Skate program. It’s a program that teaches high school students all about how a skateboard is created, with a very hands on approach. Students make their own boards and get to keep them after the process. If high school was that interesting when I was going, I would have gotten a lot less sleep in class.

Check out a few photos I took of Tosh who did a one man demo as part of the program for all the students in the class. A few newspapers picked up the story, also. Those clippings are below.

Check out for more info.

That kid is stoked. You would be too if you made a skateboard at school instead of dissecting a frog or something

Custom boards for the program

Fun in the parking lot with the high school teachers

Not your average crew of filmers at the bottom of the stairs

Tosh kickflipped it

Then he frontside flipped it

Then he answered a hundred questions from random students before we all went back to class

That's The Professor right there - Paul Schmitt. He's the man I have the most respect for in our whole sketchy skateboard industry

Here's a newspaper article from the Tampa Tribune

Another local news article

Here's an article from the St. Pete Times by Emily Nipps. Haha - Nipps. Am I the only one laughing at that? Uhh, hey Ms. Nipps, is it cold in here or is it just you?


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