Tampa Pro 2007 Friday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2007 Friday

Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2007 Friday
By Rob Meronek

Today was practice all day, the Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest, and the Contest Party with De La Soul. I have not been to into shooting photos lately and I have no energy to write captions and all that. Here's a few crappy photos from the day and night. Today, Saturday, is Vert and Street Qualifiers all day.

Judd Heald

Jason Rothmeyer

Tommy Sandoval - feeble grind

Gabe Clement - back d in the TM and Industry VIP Contest

Darin Howard from Deluxe in the TM and Industry VIP Contest

Barker Barrett from IPath. This is a 360 flip fakie during the TM and Industry VIP Contest

I took this photo of Ryan Clements while on the phone. Multitasking ollie

Aaron Astorga back smithed the big wall in his run during the TM and Industry VIP Contest

After the Contest, everyone gets it going at the bar. Megan is helping me live sober

The John Montesi family

Double Sarah vision. Red Bull Sarah and Jersey Sarah who's down here on vacation with a crew of Jersy types

Crowded foot fetish

Balcony lurk

Need to make sure to get the proper angle with Olivia

Rob's Sister!

Jorge Angel from SPoT and Hunter the Nike TM

Curtis Valentine and Matt Giles

Omar Salizar and Brianna

My amazing view of the De La Soul show

Omar Salazar and Jersey Sarah. Good night everyone


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