Tampa Pro 2007 Skate Photos From Sunday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2007 Skate Photos From Sunday

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 by Rob

Last year, Adam Dyet won the Tampa Am Best Trick with this nollie big heel back lip. It didn't work at the Pro
Emerick Pratt stepped up the am shuffle and did it the other way. Now it's called the pro shuffle
Jereme Rogers - fakie flip
Jereme Rogers - switch backside big spin front board
Eric Koston - nollie heel
Greg Lutzka - frontside 270 to switch front blunt
Paul Rodriguez - big spin boardslide
Justin Strubing - feeble grind frontside out
This one is hard just to think about. Jereme Rogers - switch inward heel noseslide
Tommy Sandoval - backside flip
Bill Wiess - naked 540 first try. That middle frame is pretty gross
Brian Anderson - nollie
Rick McCrank started this backside tailslide on the left of the photo and went all the way to the right
Jereme Rogers - smith transfer on the bump to bar
Josh Harmony - frontside nosegrind
Eric Koston - back smith
Eric Koston - nollie crook
Greg Lutzka started out his Finals run with a 360 flip over the bank to bank back there then into this kickflip back lip
Rick McCrank - frontside disaster on the vert wall
Nick Dompierre - frontside bluntslide transfer
Nilton Neves - ollie in from the deck
Paul Rodriguez - frontside feeble grind
John Rattray - backside nosegrab
Rob Dyrdek - frontside nosegrind
Stefan Janoski - switch flip
Ed Selego - bsts
Schaefer asked Stefan Janoski to switch flip the rail at the end of his run. Stefan made it first try


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