Old School Skate Jam Weekend - Vans Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old School Skate Jam Weekend - Vans

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by RyanSUB

The Old School Skate Jam Weekend
Words by Ryan T. Clements
Photos by Michael Derwenko and Brian Schaefer

Vans Skate Park in Orlando is an interesting experience. Some of the obstacles are really good, while others make you think, “What the hell were they thinking when they designed this?” Besides the $14, two-hour sessions and full pads, another one of their rules is ‘No Photos.’ I really don’t get the purpose of that restriction, but whatever. We barged and got a few shots anyway.

Schaefer speeding through a frontside ollie over the pyramid hip on the street course. Clements catching a kickflip up the outside step-up (Okay, honestly, it’s just an ollie). We ran into Choppy Omega out front, Bra. The poor kiddies have to wait until the exact second that a session begins before being allowed to enter the fenced-in skating area. Now this bowl is pretty good. I suggest going to Vans just to skate this structure…it’s smooth, relatively challenging, and fun. Clements with a little lien-to-tail over the hip.


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